Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A few forgotten things

We've had a blast over Christmas break!  I took the boys, and a friend, to see Frozen one Sunday afternoon.  They really enjoyed the movie...and the popcorn.

Honestly, is that not the sweetest face ever?  That tub of popcorn is bigger than him.  I could eat him up.  

I mentioned breakfast at Cracker Barrel on Christmas Eve, but I forgot to post the pictures.  
 A quick game of checkers while we were waiting on our food.  The game prevented Jack from melting down completely before our food arrived.
 Here's the kid that was "made for breakfast".  Too funny.  We will not list all that he ate, but I will offer up that he did not eat much lunch or dinner.
 Big boy that is growing up too quickly.
Our friend D came home with us from Paris for a few days.  The boys just picked right up where they left off.  We went to church, Sky Zone, Chick Fil A, Baskin Robbins and then met up with his parents to go to the Rendezvous and a Grizzlies game.  We really had the best time getting to visit with them...and eat ribs and watch basketball.  Good times.  How I love these people.  What a blessing to have friends who are more like family.

One of the many perks of living in town with family is that they can spend the night with grandparents if we have something the next morning, or even if we don't have anything.  Grin.  When we have a morning to ourselves we enjoy going to the gym together.  Gym times are a highly debated topic around this house.  One morning when Fred and Renee had the kiddos we got to go to a 5:15 am Boot Camp class.  I spent much of the class on the floor exhausted and laughing at myself, but we had the best time together.  Fred may or may not have almost tripped over the step he was using during one particular set.  The image of this gives me a great chuckle when I replay it in my mind.  Great chuckle.
I have grown up with my grandmother making homemade boiled custard.  It is delicious.  Delightful.  Beyond words.  I have never made it.  It seems complicated.  I mustered up the courage to try it and I think it may be a go.  We will know tomorrow once it's cooled.  I am beyond excited!  Fred is particularly fond of it. The following was our conversation via text:
After making it I now understand why this stuff was only made at Christmas.  Goodness in a glass.  Yum!

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