Monday, April 21, 2014

A few things

-We buy peanut butter by the huge bucket at Sam's.  You know the one I'm talking about.  It's as long as my torso.  Last week we got to the bottom of the bucket.  When Jack saw it he said, "Mom, it's like all the love has left our house."  Thankfully, we got more peanut butter. We can't lose all the love from our house.  
-Andrew was talking to someone at the soccer field the other day.  They asked him how old he was.  He said 4 and held up four fingers.  He then said, "when my thumb comes out on my next birfday I'll be five."  Sweet boy.
-My mom makes this delicious "salad" on holidays.  I use the word salad loosely.  It has whipped cream, marshmellows, jello and fruit.  She affectionately calls it Fluff.  Andrew loves it!  He asked for some this morning at 9:30.  I think fluff is a perfectly acceptable salad at this time of the day.  Plus, he told me it is delicious and yummy in his tummy.  How could I resist?!?
-Easter Sunday always proves to be exciting around here.  I don't know what it is about this particular Sunday, but by the time we all get to church I feel like I need a nap.  Fortunately, my Aunt Christie was here for the weekend to add an extra hand.  We had soccer games Saturday morning followed by a huge Easter Egg hunt that our church provided for our community.  It was a great Saturday!  Sunday morning we all went to church (Mimi, Tee and Christie, plus my family).  When we got to the house Mun and Janice were here.  Before lunch and the family egg hunt I decided we needed to take some family pictures.  Can you still hear the weeping and gnashing of teeth?!?  It was awful...according to my children.  Mercy.  What's so difficult about taking a picture??  Here they are...

 Maybe they do love each other?!?
 -This one below was snapped by a friend at church before we headed home for the above torture session...I kid....about the torture session, not that this was taken before we left church.  I've been doing Easter Sunday with this fella for about 17 years now.  If he wasn't my husband I'd wish that he was.  I love this guy.
-After lunch we headed to Fred and Renee's for a post lunch Easter celebration.  Why is this noteworthy?!?  Because we live in town and we can just pop over there if we want to.  Seems insignificant, but it's epic I tell you.
-Someone stole our basketball goal from our Paris house this week.  Stole it.  Out of our driveway.  They picked the wrong neighborhood to mess with.  I live near the most vigilant neighbors ever.  When our friend began to investigate the theft my neighbors already knew who did it and had driven by the house where it was taken to.  Wrong neighborhood, kid.  My Paris neighbors have our back even when we don't live there anymore!! ;-)
On a side note...our house is still for sale.  If you buy it you will get some of the best neighbors EVER!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014


My friend convinced me to go with her to boot camp in Arlington.  There are about 100 people around a quaint little court square working out outside.  It was the perfect morning.  Really neat experience.  
A few days after boot camp I headed with a group of ladies to Gatlinburg for a conference.  I walked in to my hotel room and this was my bathroom...
But honestly, how bad can life be when you get to watch the sun rise over the Smoky Mountains during your morning jog?!?
While I was gone Fred (and our families) carried the torch with the kids.  They had school, soccer practice, soccer games and I think they ate out quite a bit.  :-)
They celebrated the birthday of the fella in the middle one night at Red Robin...Yummmmm.
 This picture was sent to me on Thursday night to show Clayton was okay.  I got a phone call Thursday afternoon as he was having a complete and total melt down over soccer practice.  He did not want to go or participate.  He finally relented and eventually had a good time.  Whew...that was rough.
 Clayton did not have a game, but these two did.  Fred said they had the best time!  We have close to 80 kids participating in Upwards with our church.  We are so excited!  When they walked up to the fields Fred said Jack commented that it felt like Paris.  (We had a huge Upwards flag football league in Paris.)  Kind of melts my heart for these guys.
Since we live across the street from the soccer fields Andrew prefers to ride his scooter.  I guess this is necessary to keep up with the rest of us with long legs.  

Andrew left his blanket in Jackson Tuesday.  Tuesday and Wednesday night were rough.  There were a few tears.  For a brief moment I thought I might have to drive back and get it.  Finally, they were reunited on Thursday morning.  I took this right after he got it back.  It was a moment for sure.  
 Wednesday nights at church are fun.  This group of cuties were in the gym playing.  Andrew loves the little girl he is sitting with.  I think he has asked if he could play at her house.  Precious.  I'm not sure what they are doing, but I know they are having fun!
These two friends met up Thursday.  They are the sweetest friends.  Getting a picture is next to impossible.  They really are precious!

My dad is taking the boys to Knoxville this weekend for the Orange and White game.  You think Jack is excited?!?  Have mercy.  I don't know if my dad can handle the excitement.  
-I was working with Jack on some school work this week and his breath was awful.  I asked him if he had brushed his teeth and he said yes.  I taught him how to check his breath to see if it was bad.  He did it and then said, "What?  It just smells like dog.  What's so bad about that??"  Oh goodness.

-My boys were in Jackson and Fred wanted to go on a run.  It was an absolutely beautiful day so I thought I would join him for a leisurely stroll.  I thought the trail would be easy to follow.  It was not.  I intended to walk 3 or 4 mile and ended up covering over 6 miles.  Whoops.  It was the walk that would never end.