Monday, December 14, 2009

Story Hour Christmas

Santa came to Story Hour today! While most of the other kiddos clambered to get in his lap...not Jack. He made a quick exit to the table to eat his cookie. I did convince him to pose with me, Andrew and Santa, but he never would talk to Santa. We had a great party at Story Hour and Jack participated in the songs. Mrs. Donna read a precious story called, Bear Stays up for Christmas. What a great day!

St. Jude Half Marathon

A couple of weekends ago we all headed to Memphis for Fred to run the St. Jude Half Marathon. Before we got to Fred and Renee's we went to the Cook Convention Center for the runner's expo. After the expo we rode the trolley around Memphis. The boys loved it!! Below you can see pictures of Fred in the middle of the race and at the finish line. We didn't make it into the arena in time to see him cross the finish line since there were so many people, but we eventually caught up with him.

Since Fred was a St. Jude Hero this year he qualified for several "perks". One of those perks was extra post race food at the Double Tree Hotel directly across from Auto Zone Park (the finish line). It was so cold and the wind was blowing so hard so the boys and I headed to the hotel to warm up. Their eyes lit up when we walked in and there were elevators. We immediately had to ride it up to the top. The man that got on the elevator with us asked what floor we were on and I told him we were just taking a joy ride. He looked at us, smiled and pressed the button for floor ten. You have never seen two boys more excited to ride the elevator. Once their Pawpaw got to the hotel they were ready to ride it again. You can't really see the picture, but they are riding the elevator with Pawpaw. Good times!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Andrew smiling

Andrew started smiling yesterday at my mom (a.k.a. Mimi). I decided to catch it on video...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ode to a Lighter

To our lighter,
My husband and I would like to personally thank you for the nine and a half years you have been with our family.  We can't remember exactly when or where we purchased you, but you  have been the only lighter in our house since we married.  Towels, sheets, clothes and hair (Fred's, of course) have come and gone, but not you.  In an age where quantity is highly valued over quality you pursued excellence.  While I knew the end was near I just didn't think it would happen this morning.  While attempting to rid the house of the smell of pancakes and syrup (some of my least favorite smells) I tried to light a two-wick candle.  You barely lit the first wick, but you just couldn't get the second wick.  I tried and I tried, but you just couldn't put forth a spark.  So today, Mr. Lighter we will put you to rest.  You made it through nine and a half years, three moves, three children and countless grill start ups.  Thank you for your loyalty.  You will be missed at the Shackelford house!

Thanksgiving Update

We started our Thanksgiving in Memphis this year.  Fred ran a 4 mile Turkey Trot to kick off the holiday.  He did really well.  After two days in Memphis this is what happens to Jack...
After leaving Memphis we headed to Jackson to be with my family.  We had a great time there as well.  Thanks to Mimi, Tee and Mun, Fred and I were able to get out and do some Christmas shopping by ourselves!  What fun!!
Once we got home we TRIED to get a Christmas card picture in the boys matching pajamas that Mimi made.  As you can see from the takes below, all picture taking from this point forward is going to be left up to the professional...Liz!!