Friday, March 26, 2010

We are on a roll

When I left the living room it looked like this...

When I returned it looked this this...Guess who is rolling over now?!?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

March Madness with NAIA

Last week the NAIA tournament came to Jackson. Jack, Andrew and I had the opportunity to go on Friday. Janice and Mun "camp out" at Oman arena for the few days that the tournament is in town. We don't even bother calling their house because we know they won't be there. We all had the best time watching the games. Union ended up winning the championship game on Tuesday!! While we were at the games Jack wanted to move all around. You can see him below with Janice. He asked to move and of course she took him!!

This picture is dark, but they were at the very top of the arena.

My dear friend Becca works for West Tennessee Health Care. Each year, as part of her job, she has the privilege of hosting a team that is in town for the tournament (lucky girls!!) Fortunately for us we usually get to visit with her while we are in town. We always have such a good time! Thanks Mun and Janice for a great time at the tournament!

Adam came to visit

My brother and his wife came to Paris for some business. While they were here Adam got to stay with us. Since they were here on a Monday Adam got to go to Story Hour and McDonald's with us. He and Jack had the best time. What a blessing to have a cousin who is your friend!

Coming to a table near you...

Attention family and friends...The high chair has made its way back into the Shackelford house. This means we will be adding another young man to the grocery bill. Although he has not eaten his first bite of rice cereal he seems to enjoy sitting in the chair with the rest of us. All donations for our household grocery budget can be sent directly to me!! hehehehe!! In the mean time I think I'll go clip some more coupons...

Monday, March 8, 2010

For a special treat...

Clayton came home from school with a fever. For a special treat I pulled their mattresses in the living room so they could sleep close to me tonight. They were pretty excited to say the least!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Clayton's Spring Picture (taken in February)

Each year at school Clayton has a Fall picture, class picture and a Spring picture made. And every time he has a picture taken I tell myself I'm not going to buy it, but every time he comes home with a picture like the above. Precious, right? Before you judge me for not buying all his pictures please know that the cheapest package is $23 and the class picture is $12. Do the math with me, three boys, three picture a year...$174 a year on pictures (and that doesn't include sporting team pictures)!! If I buy for Clayton I'll have to buy for Jack and Andrew. I really don't want to hear from Andrew, "Clayton has all these school pictures. Where are mine?" Yes, I realize I could just buy one, scan it in and make copies, but I have an ethical problem with that. What to do, what to do?!? For now you'll have to settle with Clayton's conversation with me about his picture...

Clayton: (VERY serious!!) Mom, do you think my picture was taken inside or outside??

Me: (knowing the answer was not outside) Outside?

Clayton: (still very serious...) No! It was taken inside. Can you believe it?? It looks like I'm outside though, doesn't it?!? Neat, huh?

Me: Awesome, son, awesome.

Funny fella.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Theological conversations with Jack

After we drop Clayton off at school Jack and I have time to just talk to one another. Andrew is usually quiet and no one else requires my time or attention. In public he can be shy, but when we are just one on one he is hilarious. This was our conversation from this morning:

Jack: God lives in our heart, right mom?
Me: That's right buddy, He does.
Jack: He will never leave us, right mom?
Me: That's right bud. He is with us always.
Jack: If God lives in our heart, who lives in our belly?
Me: (trying not to laugh) No one lives in our belly son.
Jack: Well, food does.
Me: Yes, you are right. Food is in our belly.
Jack: Does our food talk to each other?
Me: No

After a few moments of silence our conversation turned to what was for lunch. After all it was 7:45 in the morning and I had just cleaned the kitchen before we left. It was time to talk about lunch!! ;-)
Who says three year olds aren't deep thinkers!?!