Thursday, October 29, 2009

Andrew's Home!

After a few short days at the hospital we left Wednesday morning around 10:30. We drove the two miles home and were greeted by one of the most excited boys you have ever seen!
Jack was waiting at the screen door when we pulled up in the carport. He shouted, "Mommy, You home!! Do you have baby Andrew wiff you?!?"
Clayton had his fall party that afternoon so he arrived home a little later. He came running through the house and said, "Where is he?? I want to hold him!!" After he washed his hands and changed his shirt he got right to it!
After a few hours of all of us being home together we had a birthday party for Andrew (thanks Beth for the idea!). The boys and Janice made a cake and they also decorated a pumpkin for the celebration.
Clayton is on Fall Break so he and Jack loaded up and headed to Jackson for a few days. They will go to Memphis Saturday and be back Sunday. Fred and I are really enjoying this time together to get to know Andrew. The above picture was taken today. It's a little fuzzy, but you still can get the general idea of how precious he is!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Andrew Thomason Shackelford!!!!

What a day!!! Jennifer and I got up this morning at about 4, headed to the hospital, and after a fairly uneventful day (we had a couple of minor blood pressure issues early on). Andrew entered the world at 2:52 this afternoon. He's quite the sweet boy. His eyes have been wide open just about all afternoon as though he's just taking everything in. Jennifer's doing great and feeling terrific. Andrew seems to be doing fantastic as well. Thanks to all our friends, family, and church family for your prayers over us today. It really could not have gone better. Here are a few

Getting settled in...

Welcome Andrew!

Jack is super excited to see his baby brother for the first time!

Clayton is too!

Seeing brother for the first time...

Our first family picture!

I'm sure there will be many more to follow. Thanks again for you prayers. We love you all!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Brotherly Love

I must start this blog post by telling you that our boys love each other and for the most part really get along. If they have a trouble spot during the day it is in the morning. Almost every morning they argue over two things: who gets to sit in which chair for breakfast and who gets to turn the tv off. This morning was no different...
They started off arguing over chairs and then they continued with the arguing when I asked them to turn off the tv. (Please note that I usually alternate which chair they sit in and who gets to turn off the tv, but this morning I forgot.) Clayton reached the tv first to turn it off and he got to sit in the coveted chair at breakfast. Apparently Jack had reached his limit so he said the "meanest" thing he could come up with for Clayton. He said (in his ugliest tone), "Clayton you are a stinker and poop poop in your pants!!" All I could do was laugh--on the inside, of course!!

Tomorrow is a big day around the Shackelford household. Fred and I will be heading to Henry County Medical Center at 4:30 a.m. to start the process of welcoming Andrew Shackelford into this world. It doesn't seem real. In some ways it feels like I've been pregnant forever, but in other ways I feel like it has just flown by! Many, many emotions are flooding my soul right now as I think about moving this family from four to five. We, as a family, covet your prayers tomorrow, and in the days to come, as we welcome Andrew into this family.

For now I'll leave you with a picture of two of the sweetest boys a mother could ask for:

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Big Brother Party

Our good friends, the Minors and the Harrods, hosted a fabolous party Friday night in honor of Clayton and Jack. It was called a Big Brother BBQ. We invited several friends and our families and celebrated late into the night. If Christy and Beth ever quit their day jobs they would be great party planners!! Every detail was thought through and carried out! My boys (and me and Fred) could not have possibly been more excited!

Christy and Beth had games planned: tasting baby food and guessing what it was, changing a baby diaper and scratch off cards! Clayton and Jack were surprisingly good at changing the diaper...a little rough, but good!

Everyone brought presents for the boys and they were thrilled! It was like Christmas morning!! Melody made both of the boys big brother t-shirts.
Beth and Christy used all the kiddos fingerprints to make this precious picture. I could not have been more surprised!! Priceless!!
We even had delicious cake, not to mention quite the spread of Clifty Farms ribs and BBQ, beans, casseroles and on and on...
As you can see from all the pictures Clayton did not stop smiling all night! Saturday morning when he woke up he asked my mother in-law the sweetest thing. He said, "Was that a dream last night? Because it was so awesome!!" I couldn't agree more!!

A visit from Central Asia

Because of a Big Brother BBQ held this weekend (photos coming soon) my in-laws came to visit. Luckily for us they had agreed to keep Zeke and Kaiyah for the weekend already!! Last week the boys all went to Memphis when Dan and Tami flew in, but Dr. Evans did not want me traveling so I did not get to go. Reluctantly, I sent them without me. Since Kaiyah was born overseas the boys and I had not gotten to meet her. It was such a joy having them here and seeing all four of them interact.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Are baby shoes not the most precious things?? These shoes are tiny! A friend gave us the shoes on the left. When I pulled them out of the box all I could say was, "Awwwwwww!" Chould there be any other response?? It's hard to believe that in 17 short days two more little feet will be in this family...unless he decides to come early!!