Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our Winter Wonderland!!

We woke up this morning to this...
After a wonderful breakfast (Fred cooked homemade biscuits, scrambled eggs, sausage and chocolate gravy--yummie!!) the big boys wanted to head outside. We bundled them up and sent them out. You can't see very well, but this is a picture of the big boys playing on the swing set. I snapped this picture and just stood at the door watching them play. While I was watching them I noticed Jack was struggling with his snow boot. As I looked closer I observed that his BARE foot was planted in the snow. Apparently in his haste to get outside he did not put his socks on!! Once I noticed what was going on I told him to come inside to which he replied, "I not ready!!" Can you believe that?? The kid has his bare foot planted in the snow and he's still not ready to come in. Of course I insisted that he come inside. We quickly warmed his foot up and now both boys are resting on the couch--snuggled up together.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Three Little Boys

We came into the living room the other day to find all three boys on the living room floor. Andrew was already there, but the other two joined him. Too sweet!! As Jack would say, they love their "littlest bruder"!

Jack is worn out

I go to Jackson each Tuesday to teach Physical Science and Algebra I at FAITH tutorial. Since Clayton is in school, Jack and Andrew get to come with me. Janice, Mun and Mimi graciously agreed to keep the two little boys each week. (I really had to twist their arms!!) It seems like everyone has a good time while I'm gone as evidenced in the above picture. Just precious, isn't it?!?

Eat him up

Once Fred and I get the big boys to bed at night, I get Andrew up to feed him. After I feed him we have gotten in the habit of taking turns snuggling with him while he sleeps. The house is so quiet and peaceful. He was three months old this week. It seems as though I've blinked and three months have passed. I normally don't hold my babies while they sleep, but since this will more than likely be my last baby I've decided I'm savoring every moment. I'm taking it all in. Who wouldn't want to snuggle that little baby up?!? Will it make him rotten??...I think I'll take my chances! ;-)

Snow Day

It is snowing here in Paris and school was canceled for today. The boys and I have just been taking it easy. Fred went to the gym for his usual work-out. He was hoping to run outside for his marathon training since he had 12 miles to run, but he had to run it inside because of snow and ice. He came home to four silly boys. (Yes, four...we have a friend over.) So here is our snow day check list...
Happy baby Andrew...check
Silly Jack (still in his pajamas) riding the scooter through the house...check!Clayton (still in his pajamas) and Aiden playing...check!
Ingredients for chocolate chip cookies...check!

Mr. Fred's chili simmering on the stove...check!!
I'd say our snow day is going to be a success!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Who's that baby??

Since Andrew was born Fred and I have noticed that he and Clayton favor one another...a lot. Elizabeth sent me Andrew's precious pictures. When I opened the pictures I thought I was looking at Baby Clayton!! Unbelievable!! Other than picture quality we think they look A LOT alike!! What are your thoughts?

Happy 10th Anniversary Melody and Corey!!

Melody and Corey celebrated their 10 year anniversary yesterday, January 22nd. Ten years?!? Where has the time gone?? In honor of their anniversary we met at the fanciest restaurant in Paris (outside of McDonald's, right Katie?!?)...Prater's celebrate. I got a cake because every good celebration deserves a cake, don't you think?!? I also wore purple since on this day ten years ago I was dressed all in purple. What a fun day it was! Melody and I reminisced over the day while we ate. I wanted to duplicate her wedding cake, but as we remembered it was six tiers with strawberry filling. I wasn't feeling that ambitious. Plus, who would eat all that cake?!?
May God's richest blessings rain down on your marriage, family and ministry as you continue to serve Him faithfully. What an honor it is to call you our friends. Happy Anniversary, Mel and Corey!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Monster Nation

Fred, Fred, Lee, Zach, Clayton and Jack headed to the DeSoto Civic Center right outside of Memphis for a night at Monster Nation. The boys had the best time. I wasn't there, but Fred said the night was full of, "Whoa, that was awesome!!". Aunt Janice started recording monster trucks for us off the Speed Network and we have been hooked ever since. She noticed that they were going to be near Memphis and asked if Clayton and Jack would like to go. Would they like to go??? You have never seen two little guys more excited! Clayton even made a sign for the event! It read, "Big Foot rules, everybody else drools!" Priceless!

Story Hour Update

Story Hour started back again and Jack is now participating!! He may not sing all the songs and do all the motions, but he is participating!! Mrs. Donna sings a song about the weather and now Jack gets so excited about singing it that we discuss the weather before we go. He grinned from ear to ear all morning! How grateful I am that we the opportunity to attend a program as good as story hour!

Yes we did!

There was snow on the ground, snow in the air and the wind chill was below zero, but we did it. To say it was cold would be an understatement, but we did it!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Andrew Update

Hasn't he grown and changed?? We took Andrew for his two month check up last week and he was 14 pounds, 15 ounces and 25 inches long. He looks just like Clayton to me and Fred. Although he looks like Clayton we have been surprised to see that he is growing like Jack. Both the boys are crazy about him. He is so happy and content! He constantly is cooing and smiling. Mimi thinks he is going to talk before he sits up. We'll just have to wait and see on that one!!

Giving Tree 2009

Each year our church participates in the Giving Tree Project. Our entire church donates items to fill 50 boxes. The boxes are filled with milk, oil, cake mix, bread, ham, eggs, flour, dry beans, corn, green beans, etc. Once the boxes have all they need we meet and deliver them. Over the five years we have been here it has become such a meaningful experience for our family as we deliver boxes to families.
This is also our Christmas present to my brother and sister in law, Paige and Jeff. We donate a box in their honor each year.

Christmas Wrap Up

The Christmas season began about a week before Christmas. The Merwin side of the family all came to Paris for the celebration the weekend before Christmas. We opened presents at the gym at church. With four (Andrew doesn't count this year.) rowdy boys what could be better?!? As you can see from the above picture Andrew was exhausted before he even opened a single present!!
The Sunday before Christmas Clayton and Jack had their programs that morning and the adult choir had their program that evening. Clayton had a solo (with Shannon) in the cantata. Because we listened to the cantata in the car, Jack knew all the words to every song. I could hear him singing from the choir loft. He didn't make it through the entire program though. He was exhausted from all the singing.

Since Fred and I were dating we have gone to Cracker Barrel on Christmas Eve. We missed a couple of years in there, but not too many. We decided to head to Murray that morning and enjoy our tradition. As you can see Andrew was thrilled. I decided this year that I am going to start keeping the receipts from each year and see how they grow as these boys grow. We spent around $16 this year. Fred and I split the holiday sampler and Clayton and Jack split pancakes and sausage. As those precious boys were sitting beside me and eating I wondered how much longer they were going to share a plate!?!

Christmas morning we were up early. My parents joined us for the celebration. The boys both got scooters. Even though it was freezing out they still wanted to ride them outside. They were too precious. After a yummy breakfast we loaded up the front wheel drive sleigh and headed to Memphis to celebrate with the Shackelfords. Mr. Fred cooked a great steak dinner and we all had a wonderful time. Fred headed home and the boys and I went to Jackson to visit with the Thomason side of the family. We opened presents with them on Sunday.

The Shackelford Family 2009