Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fish Fry Carnival, Take 2

Grandparents were in for the Small Fry parade and we had to stop by the carnival afterwards. I'm not sure who liked the rides more...Clayton or Pawpaw!?! The boys had a really good time!
Did I say good time? From the look on Jack's face I think he had the best time ever!!

Catfish Races

After the Small Fry Parade this morning we got the opportunity to attend the catfish races. It was really exciting! We only stayed for one heat, but still it was loads of fun!!

Small Fry Parade

Clayton marched in the Small Fry Parade for the Fish Fry today. He was a part of the Joyland Pit Crew. He did a great job!

In the end, as always, Jack was exhausted!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Family Boot Camp

Tuesday night the O'Neals came over and helped us put together a promotional video for a sermon series I'll begin preaching in a couple of weeks. The title of the series is "Spiritual Boot Camp for the Family." Below is the final product. Enjoy.

Fish Fry Parade-2008

The Fish Fry Parade was today in Paris and we headed out around 9 this morning with several of our friends: The O'Neals, The Brewers, The Kinseys, The Kenworthys, The Bomars and Mimi. We had the best time! I tried to get everyone's picture, but failed to get the Kenworthys and the Bomars. Jack blew bubbles just about the entire parade. He wore himself out as you can see from the last picture. Make your plans now to come to Paris this time next year for a rip, roarin time!! We would love to have you!!

The Carnival is in Paris!!!

The carnival is in Paris for Fish Fry week. Of course it is less than a mile from our house so this makes us want to go every night, but we just go on Thursday night when the special is 10 rides for $10. We took our friend Shannon and had the best time. Clayton and Shannon even got to go fishing...and win a prize! Fred and I rode on some kind of pirate ship thingy that goes back and forth and we determined that we are too old for carnival rides!! In the last picture Clayton you can see Clayton with his arm around Jack. We only had three tickets left so an adult could not ride. We told Clayton that Jack was his responsibility and to take care of him. He put his arm around him and held on to him for the entire ride...too sweet!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Number 5 in your program, Number 1 in your heart...

Clayton had his first t-ball game. Well, we will call it an exhibition. They had pictures made and then played a one inning game so each player could get a turn at bat. After Clayton's team had a chance to bat they went in the field. His coach put him on the pitcher's mound, along with Clayton's friend Austin. I think he had a really good time. Someone asked us where he got his athletic ability and Fred and I just chuckled and shrugged our shoulders.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Shannon's Birthday Party

Shannon's birthday party was today. Thankfully it was not raining! Clayton and Jack had a really good time!
As you can see, Jack really enjoyed looking at the cake!

Did I say enjoyed looking at the cake? You can see from this picture below that he did a little more than look...notice the "a" in Shannon. Jack and Katelyn mysteriously appeared with icing on their fingers and mouths! The last three parties I have taken Jack to I have found him digging into the cake before the birthday boy or girl cuts into it!! What a mess!!

Best buddies! Clayton was so excited today about the party! Around 9:00 this morning he was running around the house telling us we needed to hurry up and get ready. We were going to be late! I assured him that we had plenty of time. The party wasn't until noon.