Thursday, July 29, 2010

Five on Friday

1. Fred has a triathlon this weekend. He is continuing to train for the "big" one in a couple of weeks. As part of that training he and Corey rode their bikes to Carroll county...32.2 thank you!!
2. In case you were wondering...I am still canning pickles!! I will happily trade anyone any vegetable for cucumbers.
3. Clayton will turn seven next week. Part of (Renee) Shackelford tradition is that you get to pick your favorite meal for your birthday supper. We will celebrate Fred and Clayton's birthdays this weekend. When I asked Clayton what his favorite thing that Mawmaw made for him, he looked at me really funny and said that Mawmaw doesn't make him things. She buys them.
4. Sweet Caroline came over to play. When she walked in the door Jack greeted her by saying, "We don't have any gurl toys here." After an hour or so we had her walking around with a sword in one hand and a plastic gun in the other...sweet girl!!
5. Andrew LOVES cereal bars. He grins really big when he sees me coming toward his high chair with one.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Camp Linden

Our church had the opportunity to go to children's camp with my home church. My boys and three other kiddos from church made the trek to Linden for camp. I went to Linden as a fourth grader (so did my mother) and it was a full circle experience for me to see my own children experience some of the same things I did. All in all it was a fun filled week: Bible study, worship services, crazy games, staying up late, swimming, giant mud pits, painting, etc, etc!! Jack even had a class of his own, that after several hours of coaxing, he attended. You can see the precious young lady below was the only girl from our church. I was so proud of her! Next year we are taking more girls and partying in the girls dorm!!

Five on Friday

1. Fred preached at his home church last Sunday. He left camp a day early to spend time with his dad before Sunday. They apparently stayed up late watching a movie. His dad woke him up Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. I think he was 20 the last time he slept that late!!
2. I do love clean, put away (organized) laundry. Monday I did six loads of laundry after we returned home from camp. I thought we would be good for a did six loads today as well. I think I am going to have to adopt this as the new normal!?! (Please note that I have done one load a day since Monday. It hasn't just built up.)
3. Clayton and Jack have been in Jackson this week for one final hurrah before school starts. We went to Jackson to take them to Dollar Night with the Diamond Jaxx. Clayton was so excited when we got there, telling us every detail of their stay. What fun!
4. When we were leaving Janice's house Jack pointed to himself and Clayton and asked, "Are you going to leave these guys here?!?"
5. Since the boys have been gone this week we have gotten to spend a lot of one on one time with Andrew. As a matter of fact we are pretty attached. This would have bothered me with Clayton...not so much with the last one!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Five on Friday on Thursday

The boys and I are headed to camp tomorrow. I'm not sure if we'll have internet access, thus the reason Five on Friday is on Thursday.

1. Fred saw a program on Food Network about making banana pudding from scratch. He suggested we try it. We made the wafers, pudding and meringue. It was served hot. I have never tasted anything so delicious in my life!!

2. I noted last week that we had cucumbers coming out of our ears. Well, nothing has changed. After canning 15 quarts of dill pickles last week I changed to bread and butter pickles this week. Twelve quarts, one pint and two half pints later I think it's safe to say I'm pickled out!!

3. Clayton had some money to spend at Walmart. It was burning a hole in his pocket. He (and Jack) came in my room this morning at 6:04 dressed and ready to go. Clayton had gotten them dressed so they could "surprise" me. Boy, was I surprised. I sent them both back to bed. Jack went willingly based on his day yesterday--see #4.

4. Wednesday was not Jack's day. He still has swimmer's ear. We had to go back to the doctor. While we were at the clinic we went ahead and did his four year check-up, which required two shots. His response was "ummm" without expression. We went to church last night and while Jack was playing outside he got stung by something on the side of his face. I felt so sorry for him. This was our conversation:
Me: I'm so sorry you got stung buddy.
Jack: He didn't sting me mom. He just put that pokey thing on my face and poked me. I wasn't even boddering him mom. (Said in the most pitiful voice, with his head bowed and almost tears in his eyes)

5. Andrew is crawling everywhere. The object of his affection is electrical cords. He will crawl from anywhere to get one in his mouth. Needless to say we are all on high alert around here!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Andrew waving

Andrew has been waving hello and good bye for several weeks, but I haven't been able to get him on camera thus far...until this morning!! I felt like singing the Hallelujah chorus once I finally got it on video. Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Five on Friday

1. Fred is competing in an olympic distance triathlon in August. As part of his training he is riding his bike longer distances. He and Corey rode to Benton County this week...25 miles total! Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it!

2. I have been knee deep in cucumbers this week. I have been making pickles left and right!! The last time I checked I had canned 10 quart jars and 9 pint jars of spicy, dill pickles. Pickles anyone?!?

3. Clayton is singing Make me a Servant at church this Sunday. It should be great. We have worked on it all week.

4. This week for supper I made a modified version of stuffed peppers that I called Super Hero casserole. Jack ate two helpings. After taking his empty plate to the sink he stretched out his arms as wide as he could and said, "I love Super Hero casserole this much!". Precious!

5. Andrew can now sit up in the bath. I gave him a bath for the first time without him in his little baby bath tub. While he was splashing in the water I sat on the stool beside the tub and cried.

Lake House

My brother and his wife bought a house in Dover, Tennessee on Lake Barkley. From my front door to his front door is about 25 minutes. Monday we went up to visit them. We had the best time! Jeffrey took us out on his boat, we had hamburgers and ice cream and the kiddos played and played!! It was great! In our adult lives my brother and I have never lived (although he doesn't live there full time) this close to one another. What a treat! His house is just beautiful. Upon stepping in the front door you just feel relaxed and calm. We are looking forward to spending many more weekends with them!

I left on the boat with Jeffrey, Fred, Adam and Jack. Clayton was still so excited from his boat ride that he danced on the boat dock as we pulled away. Funny guy!

Jack's official swimming lessons

Jack decided several weeks ago that he would like to take his life vest off and start swimming. Swimming lessons are offered at our city pool so we enrolled him for a little extra help. He was doing great, but what we thought was an ear infection turned out to be swimmer's ear...ouch! We went for two days and we'll make up the other three in a few weeks after his ear heals.

Andrew's dedication day

On Father's Day we had a baby dedication service at church. My parents, Fred's parents and Mun and Janice were able to come to church with us that day. It was such a special service as I looked around and was reminded of the heritage of faith Fred and I have been blessed with! We desire and strive each day to pass it on to our children.
You may be wondering why Fred is wearing a lei?!? He was prompting VBS and forgot to take it off. Nice touch, huh?!?

Jack's Party

Jack turned four June 16th! He told me he wanted to invite all his friends for a party at the park and he would like a Batman cake. Oh, and he would like to eat hot dogs. Sounded good to me. June isn't normally that hot...wrong!! It was 97 the day of his party. I scheduled it around 5 p.m. thinking it might be cooler...wrong again!! Despite the temperature we had a great time! Thanks to our friends and family who were able to come, celebrate and brave the heat with us! Jack is one loved little fella!