Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend in Memphis

While we were in Memphis Elizabeth and Tori took Andrew upstairs. Liz got a few priceless pictures of him. Fred's siblings are so special to both of us. I was thinking the other day about the four of them: Fred, Dan, Liz and Tori. They each pursued different career paths in life, but all of them are doing the thing in which they are most passionate. I love the way each of them are uniquely individual, but oddly the same. They all use what they are passionate about to bring glory and honor to our Lord and Savior. I had a great weekend with you all! Makes me miss you more, Dan and Tami. Can't wait to see you again!
To view Andrew's pictures, click here and enter her blog.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jack was napping

While Jack was napping Clayton told me he had been "waiting ALL day to hold Andrew". I quickly let him have that opportunity. They looked so sweet sitting there together I had to grab my camera! Looking at Andrew is like looking at Clayton this time six years ago!

Basketball Awards

Basketball season is over so we had a little party last night. We took Aiden with us for the occasion. Clayton got a trophy for his mad skills on the court.
Some of the moms were looking at Andrew last night and we all realized when the season started he had just been born. As a matter of fact Coach Terri commented that we were in the hospital having Andrew when he called to tell Fred about our first practice. It's crazy to see what a season can measure. Thanks Coach Terri for a great season! We look forward to watching your son, Andrew, play for the Henry County Patriots in the years to come!! ;-)

Blue and Gold Banquet

Thursday evening we got to attend the Blue and Gold Banquet. Clayton met the requirements to move from a Tiger Cub to a Wolf Cub. We are so proud of him!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Elegant Dinner and Spring Pictures

Today at Clayton's school is Spring picture day and Elegant Dinner. He had to dress up. He told me this morning that he felt like he was going to Sunday School with a back pack on! Funny guy!

Stacy's having a baby!!

We moved to Paris almost six years ago. I left my hometown and my family. While they were only a short hour drive away, I was still lonely on the day to day. One day when I was particularly lonely I began to pray and ask for friends. I remember it like it was yesterday. I prayed that God would send me a friend and then I said, "and if she had boys, around the same age as my boys that would be great!" Eighteen months later God moved my best friend here to Paris. Did I mention that she had two boys? We started meeting together once a week to let our boys play. Well, we invited Subo, who had one boy. Then Subo invited Stacy who had a boy. Then Stacy invited Beth and Stephanie. Then we added Katherine, Emily, Amber, Katie and Allison. Some of us still meet at Story Hour, but for the most part we have kind of scattered because of kiddos growing up, going to school and just changing schedules. Every once in a while though we get together to celebrate something big...well it happened Monday! Stacy's having a baby so we had to celebrate!! And celebrate we did!! Everybody met at my house and we had a great time getting ready for Baby Wade's arrival!!Here is some of the crew, minus a few. I get a little misty eyed when I look at this group and think of what a blessing God sent to me.
And here are ALL the kiddos! What a fun time!!
My heart is full and my cup runneth over when I look at these pictures. Thanks girls for being an answer to my prayers!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Day, Take 2

The snow started coming down last night. We got the call that school was out around 8:00 p.m. By the time we got up this morning it was still snowing and the ground was covered. After breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls we headed outside and started making a snowman. We also threw a few (ok--a lot) of snowballs.

Yes, all I can say is I live in a house full of boys!!
Clayton's turn to take our picture...
Jack's turn to take our picture...

While sledding at Atkins Porter Jack went under the fence and got scraped up pretty good. He's a trooper though. When I put some medicine on him after we got home he said, "Thanks, mom." What a grateful little fella! For those of you who were wondering about Andrew, he was at Jerry and Patsy's house. It was just too cold out for him, but believe me he had fun without us!! Thanks to Jerry and Patsy for keeping him so we could all get out and play!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pinewood Derby

This afternoon after church we headed to First Methodist to participate in our first ever Pinewood Derby. Fred, Mr. John and Clayton worked on his car yesterday. While Clayton did not win we had a great time as a family cheering him on! Clayton is handing his car to Mr. John, our friend from church who helped us build our car. You can't see his face well, but he is making the cutest face. He is trying so hard not to smile.

Sunday Morning...

Sunday mornings are always...what shall I call them?!?...exciting. As I was getting ready this morning I heard the oldest boys running and Jack was yelling. It took me a few seconds to figure out what he was saying, but he was screaming at Clayton (Yes, Andrew was still asleep.). He was yelling, "Don't tell her, Clayton! Don't tell her Clayton!" Clayton quickly began to tell me that Jack had used the restroom on the wall "on purpose". Jack quickly said it was an accident. We all decided that it was an accident and Jack said he was sorry...crisis averted. Later I was giving the two big boys their bath and Clayton poured water all on my sweater that I was going to wear to church. I said, "Clayton, I was planning on wearing this to church." Very calmly he looked at me and said, "It's okay. I still think you look nice." To which I replied, "Thanks, but I'm soaking wet! No big deal it will dry." He just smiled at me...stinker!
Never a dull moment around this house!! On a side note...we made it to church ON TIME, with breakfast for our Sunday School class and everyone was proven by the above picture.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Well, our crew has been hit with the strep throat bug. Superfun. However, on Saturday, before all that went down, the boys and I, along with Jennifer for a few minutes, the Dyches, and the O'Neals, got to go sledding behind the Atkins-Porter Building, one of our awesome public facilities here in Paris. Also, yesterday, Jack and I had an awesome time sledding with lots of our church friends on Odom's Hill. I don't have any pictures of that, yet, but enjoy these from Saturday:

Clayton and Shannon: still buddies after all these years!

Jackaroo is loving some sledding!

Even Mommy got in on the action!

What a fun day! Thanks, Heather, for capturing this one!