Thursday, June 30, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  Fred really like blackberries.  We have a patch at church that is full of blackberries right now.  He has been picking them at the end of his work days this week.  He says there are a ton of them and he can get a lot in a short amount of time once he scares off the snakes.  Snakes?!?  I think I'll let Fred pick the blackberries.
2.  We have been sick around the house this week.  Jack started with strep throat and a double ear infection on Monday.  Andrew started running a fever Tuesday evening so Wednesday morning we were with him at the doctor.  My throat started hurting Tuesday so I while I was at the doctor with Andrew I just figured I'd let the doc check me out as well.  We both have sinus infections and are on antibiotics.  Wednesday Jack started getting really sick again.  He proceeded to vomit (sorry Janice!) for the next 18 hours and we were back at the doctors office Thursday.  After blood work and two shots he appears to be feeling better.  Andrew is still running a low grade fever, but our goal is to stay out of the doctor's office today.  It's a small goal, but I'm hoping to reach it!! (Many thanks to our doctor and nurse at Eastwood Clinic and our friend Wes!  You guys are my heroes!)
3. The boys will be spending a little time in Memphis next week.  While they are there they get to pick "treats" at the grocery store.  Clayton told us this week that one of his treats was going to be butter.  Butter?!?  As in sticks?!?  Yes, was his reply.  He loves some butter.
4.  Jack has been sick this week as mentioned above.  Whenever Jack runs a fever he vomits.  It has been exciting to say the least.  On the way to the doctors office he said weakly from the back seat, "You know, mom, I don't really mind being sick because I get to drink Gatorade and sleep on the couch."  Now there's the silver lining to a double ear infection and strep throat!
5. Andrew has a serious love affair with his pap pap (pacifier).  I was told he should have done away with it by one, but I sort of missed that deadline.  As a compromise, he can only have it in the bed.  He loves it though.  He would have it all day if we let him.  This morning he came down the hall with his blanket in one hand and the other hand suspiciously behind his back.  When he saw me and Fred he stopped dead in his tracks.  Knowing what was behind his back we told him to go put pap pap in the bed.  He stood for a while and then turned toward his room.  After several minutes I went to check on him.  He was laying on the floor by his bed holding his blanket and pap pap.  It was pitiful.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  We have had a great week at church for Vacation Bible School.  It has been busy, but very rewarding.
2.  We have had a few things come out of our garden this week, mainly yellow squash and zucchini.  We had sauteed squash and zucchini for lunch one day and I made zucchini bread.  It is so rewarding to use items from our garden.    
3.  Our dear friends, the O'Neals, are back in town after begin gone a year.  Clayton and Shannon have just picked up where they left off. 
4.  Jack does not like taking a nap at all, but he still needs one.  It has been a struggle getting him to lay down the past several weeks.  Once he lays down he is out, but it is a battle getting to that point. 
5.  Andrew's new phrase is, "I habit!! I habit!!".  (Translation--I have it.)  He usually says it once calmly and then it escalates until he's jumping and saying, "I habit!".  He usually does this to the boys when they have something he wants. 

Eleven years today!

Fred and I have been married for eleven years today.  We were talking and reminiscing about life over the last eleven years.  We both agreed that it is better today than it was in 2000.  We have enjoyed every phase and hope and pray that it only continues to get better.  I keep a journal of personal letters I've written for Fred (not posted on the internet) but I thought we could do a list of things that are better now than know I love a list!!
1.  We live together.  Woohoo!  I love hanging out with Fred and living together makes that much easier.
2.  We live a much healthier life style by eating better foods and living more actively. 
3.  We communicate better. 
4.  We have three awesome kiddos.  They really are precious and a joy to watch.  It is interesting to see how they exhibit some of our same behaviors. 
5.  All of our siblings are "grown" and living happily.  We love the spouses they have chosen.  The more the merrier!
6.  We get to serve at a church where the people really have become part of our family, and we believe we are in the center of God's will here.
7.  Our parents are now our friends.  Not that they weren't 11 years ago, but those relationships have changed for the better. 

God has been so good to us!  It hasn't all been easy or pretty.  I have moments I'm not proud of, moments I'd like to do again, but that is part of who we are today.  We are still standing strong and I can honestly say I love Fred more today than I did eleven years ago!  Happy Anniversary, Fred!!  xoxoxo

Jack is 5!

What a birthday it was for Jack!!  He got to pick where he went to breakfast and of course it was Nene's. 
 After breakfast we came home to show him our present...a new (bigger) bike.  He was pretty excited.  His other bike was so small it was ridiculous. 
 Nana and Grandad came to Paris on his birthday and took him to eat lunch.  Guess where he picked?!?  Oh yes, Mexican.  They also gave him a "real" gun.  He was so excited about this bee bee gun.  Since receiving this gun he has shown every person who has entered our house his new gun.  (FYI--it stays in the top of our closet--unloaded.)

 Later that same day we had his official party.  It was just a simple shin dig at church.  Jack wanted a pirate party with chicken nuggets and corn dogs.  So that is what we did!  We went on a treasure hunt and had a big time. 

 Mimi and Tee came for the party and then spent the night, since my dad had to work in Paris on Friday.  Jack loves music.  He likes our ipod shuffle so Mimi and Tee got him one of his own.  He was super excited and has been listening to music since then...and showing his gun.
THEN...our Memphis family came to town for Jack's birthday.  We had burgers and homemade ice cream sandwiches.  We were also celebrating Father's Day.  It was a great three days full of friends and family.  Jack is definitely one loved little fella!!

We are done!

The floors are completed!!  Woohoo!!  We got the furniture moved in.  I haven't hung any pictures, but right now I'm just enjoying the simplicity of the room.  (i.e....I just don't want to do anything!!)  Fred and I are almost recovered...almost. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We came home from vacation to a freshly painted house.  I figured now would be as good a time as any to go ahead and redo the floors.  It has been 7 years since I've seen our sub floors.  I hadn't really missed them, but I have enjoyed working this little project with my best friend. 
Forgive the construction stuff on my bed.  It will be gone soon.

 I did this section by myself this morning.  I still have to add quarter round. 
 We will tackle this this afternoon...if I can move!
Stay tuned for more updates to come!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Five on Friday...vacation style

1. Fred and Billy (our friends that we went on vacation with) went to play golf one afternoon in Pensacola.  Before they left Fred threw on some different clothes.  When they arrived at the course they would not let him play because Fred had put on the one collar-less shirt he had packed.
2.  Fred calls me a squirrel because I'm constantly working on something.  I never sit down. I took a picture of my feet propped up to remind him that I sat down for a while during vacation. 
3.  While at the Blue Angels practice session Clayton came up to Fred and said, "I've always wanted to see a plane do that in real life!" 
4.  Jack is at such a fun age.  He still has that innocent, precious excitement.  I can't count all the times he would grin and spontaneously bear hug me.   (Don't really know why the picture turned, but you can get the general idea of the grin.)

5.  After spending a week with Renee, Andrew now points to Diet Coke and asks for juice.  Ha!  He will also climb up in her lap and snuggle with her.  Too sweet! 

Orange Beach Vacation

We headed out for Orange Beach, Alabama Sunday after lunch at church.  We drove for 4/5 hours to Meridian, Mississippi with what I would call one of our top 3 worst car experiences.  After a good nights rest (and a good lecture) Mondays travel's went much better.  Did I mention we picked up Mawmaw on Sunday?  
Once we arrived at the beach we headed straight to our favorite restaurant for lunch.  After lunch we played at the condo with the Mauldins.  Tuesday the big boys headed to Pensacola for a Blue Angels practice session.  Then they went to Five Guys for lunch. 

 Wednesday we headed to the beach.  Andrew was not a fan.  He pretty much screamed the entire time we were there.  We did go to the beach with the pretty lady below.  She did not stay long though.  She volunteered to take grumpy goo back to the resort. 

 Back at the condo the boys loved playing in the lazy river with their friends. 
 Everyone loved the slide...well, everyone but Andrew...he was not a fan.  He kept saying no and shaking his head.  We took him down twice thinking he would warm up to the idea.  He did not.

 Mawmaw and the boys at Doc's Seafood Shack.  I highly recommend the shrimp!
 Back at the condo for our last day.  Yes, Andrew has his pap pap.  He had just gotten up and was not willing to let it go.  I figure if I get to eat dessert every day since we are on vacation he can have his pap pap when he wants it...right?!?  It's vacation after all!!
 I have no words for this shot.  I just thought it was funny. 
We love the beach!  We love the friends that we get to go with each year!  We feel blessed, that for this year, we were able to go, get away and spend time together as a family.   The count down is on for next year!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Five on Friday...belated

1.  We are so excited that Josh Escue and Emily Peery (soon to be Escue) came to Springhill this morning for church!  We have been praying for a year that the Lord would bring someone to our church to minister to the students of our community and to lead us in worship.  Although it's not official yet we are overjoyed at the prospect of working closely with them.  Please pray for our church as we move through this process.
2.  When the tree fell on our house several weeks ago I knew we would have to paint the living room because of the leak down the wall.  Since we're painting the living room, why not the kitchen...and the hall...and the hall bath...and our bedroom...and our bathroom.  We have a guy coming this week to paint it.  WooHoo!!  (Can you see Fred rolling his eyes a little?!?)
3.  Clayton loves to read.  I packed a book for him to read in the car, but did not realize he was almost finished with it.  Fred reminded me that he had his Kindle.  Clayton was ELATED to pick his own book to read from the Kindle.  He looks so big and we have not heard a word out of him since purchasing the book.
4.  Jack jumped off the diving board this week by himself without a life jacket.  He asked me if that was something five years old did and I told him yes it was.  He grinned and was so proud of himself. 
5.  Andrew sits by me at the table.  Lately he has been taking my fork before we begin eating.  This morning while we were eating breakfast he reached over and took my plate...took my plate out from under me.  I told me no, to which he looked up at me with those precious eyes and said, "I want mo!" (Translation:  I want more.)  I took my plate back and reminded him that he had food on his plate.