Friday, October 28, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  We got to spend the weekend in Memphis with Fred's entire family.  That's right...everyone was there for the first time in 2 years.  Dan and Tami (Fred's brother and sister in law) are home for six months and we couldn't be more excited!
2. I woke this morning to rain hitting my window.  My running partner and I were supposed to run 11 miles.  I really, really wanted to stay in bed.  After a text or two we decided we would go for it.  It was great!  We were soaking wet and cold, but it was worth it.  We are training for St. Jude half marathon (13.1 miles).  I've agreed to help raise money this year, in addition to my race fee.  If you would like to donate to St. Jude just click here.
3.  Clayton and Jack finish up flag football season tomorrow.  Clayton opted not to play basketball this fall either.  I'm looking forward to some nights at home! 
4.  Jack came home last week and told me he was on green that day at school.  However, he continued to tell me his teacher had put his name on her list.  According to Jack he didn't know if it was a good list or a bad list.  Upon further investigation I'm pretty sure it was not her good list.  Ha!  Gotta love his honesty.
5.  I had to wake Andrew up one morning this week.  When I went into his room he said, "Leaves me here mama.  Leaves me here."  Too sweet.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Andrew!

 Two year ago today the baby in the picture above made his appearance into the world.  Two years ago today I welcomed our third little boy into our home and my heart.  He had me from the moment he breathed his first breath of air.  There were times (okay...months) during my pregnancy that I wondered what in the world we would do with another boy.  There were times I questioned God for giving me another boy.  Two years later though I can't imagine life any differently.  I absolutely love these three boys God has placed in our home.  Happy Birthday to my "baby"!  I'm so glad God gave me what I needed and not what I wanted.  I wouldn't trade it for the world. 
The big boys thought Andrew would LOVE to go to NeNe's for his birthday.  I think the big boys just wanted an excuse to eat donuts.  Whatever works, right?!?  Then we went to lunch with our friends Jerry and Patsy at Dairy Delight.  We had to have a cake to celebrate.

Some facts about two year old Andrew:
-He loves to sing.  He sings by himself frequently.  When I sing a song to him as soon as I finish he says, "Again!".
-He talks a lot.  He knows how to express himself and his needs.  I'm always amazed at how many names he knows.
-He loves his brothers.  He calls them "the boys".  He asks for them all day.  He cries at night when we put him in his bed and he doesn't get to sleep with them.
-He loves a train.  My parents have a train table and he plays at it for long periods of time.
-He loves books.  He will let anyone read to him. 
-He is generally happy and smiles the majority of the time.
-He loves to watch Dinosaur Train on PBS.  He stands in the living room and dances to the theme song.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  While I was gone (see below) Fred kept the house in tip top shape!  He had picked everything up, stayed on top of the laundry situation and had supper waiting on the table.  Not that we keep points in our marriage, but if we did that would be a "score 1" for Fred! 
2.  My mom and I got away for several days last week.  When I say got away I mean we left Thursday morning and did not get back until Saturday night.  We started our trip with lunch with my grandma (pictured below) at Puffy Muffin.  Once we took her home my mom and I shopped, ate, shopped, visited a crafts show, shopped, met up with my sister in law and shopped.  I don't think I've spent that much time with my mom alone since I was 10.  It was great!  I'm counting down the days until next year.
3.  Clayton has a cookout at school today.  Fred and I are going with Andrew.  Also attending...Mun, Janice, Leeta, Mimi and Mawmaw!  I think it's gonna be a good time!
4.  While I was cooking pancakes one morning this week Jack came up to me and hugged me.  He asked me if he would always be my little boy.  After a brief explanation of how I hope his life will work out (you know...graduate college, grow up, get a job, move out, love Jesus, etc.) I assured him he would always be my little boy.  And then I gave him an extra pancake.  
5.  My big boys do not like pimento cheese (what kid does?!?).  Andrew loves it apparently!  We had pimento cheese and crackers with vegetable soup.  Andrew licked the pimento cheese off about seven crackers.  He loved it!  Who knew?!?

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Several years ago Fred and I changed the way we ate around this house.  We cut out a lot of processed foods, began baking with whole wheat flour and purchased beef and eggs from a local name a few of the changes. Since making those changes we found an "egg guy" who gives us eggs.  When I say gives, I mean he GIVES us eggs for free...LOTS of eggs.  When he has new chickens he gets an abundance of double yolked eggs.  He cannot sell them, so he gives them people like us.  I met his wife today in the parking lot of Dollar General and I got some eggs.  See for yourself...
If you are wondering how many eggs that is, it is around 25 dozen (around 300).  That's a lot of eggs!  If you are wondering why there is a precious little boy in the picture wearing "sungoggles"...well that's just because I think he's cute and I wanted him in the picture.  :-)  If you are wondering how long it will take us to go through that many eggs, I'd have to say about 6 weeks.  And no, they won't go bad before then.  They were just taken from the barn yesterday morning.  Any up for scrambled, boiled or poached eggs?  How about quiche, breakfast casserole or an omelet?!?  Come on over we've got plenty!

Grocery Store

Typically, I leave the boys at home when I go to the grocery.  Last Sunday night I had to take them in for 15 minutes before Fred could get them.  I stopped the cart and this is what the middle of the the grocery.  Enjoy!