Saturday, April 30, 2016

This week

Saturday morning we were at the soccer fields again.  My friend and I took a selfie.  You have never heard grown ups yell more enthusiastically from the sideline.  We have a great time each Saturday at the soccer fields.

 While I was with Andrew at the soccer fields, Fred took Jack to our final Saturday of Bible drill.

After lunch it was Clayton's turn for Bible drill.  Fred, me, Janice, Mun, and Renee went to cheer him on.
Pawpaw took Jack to baseball practice.  As soon as the drill was over Fred and I left for a wedding, a nice dinner, and quiet evening at home.  Thank goodness for our village that kept up with the crew.
While we were at the wedding, we had a blast.  I'm not sure I've ever had more fun visiting with a table during a reception.  Then later we enjoyed an evening a nice dinner at Fleming's and a quiet evening at home. 
Sunday night the boys participated in a program at church.  It was about the battle of Jericho.  It was too precious.  Andrew kept us laughing the entire time with his facial expressions, entrances at the wrong time, and costume malfunctions.  Clayton had a speaking part and Jack had a small solo.  It was just precious.  I'm still smiling this morning as I think about it.

 Mawmaw, Pawpaw, Mimi and Tee came to see the production.  Mawmaw and Pawpaw had a previous commitment after the play, but Mimi and Tee were more than willing to take this crew to Sonic.  Milkshakes for everyone!
Tuesday night Mun, Janice, Mimi, Tee, and Fred and Renee all came to cheer on Jack at his baseball game.  His team lost and he didn't get to pitch.  It was not Jack's favorite night, but he did enjoy his fan club!

At some point during the week I made these Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake Brownies (Her brownies are made with a gluten free mix, but you don't have to do that unless it's necessary for your health.  I just used a plain ole brownie mix...and added a handful of chocolate chips.  How could that hurt?!?) by Maebells.  Do yourself a favor and make them tonight! 
Thursday night Jack had a double header.  Mimi and Tee came back and got to see Jack pitch.  His team lost both games...again.  Jack was really bummed, but he was happy that Mimi and Tee were there. 

Since the end of school is approaching...not quickly enough...the teachers at Clayton's school are getting a little extra from the PTO Chair of Inspiration.  We provided an Iced Coffee Bar for them on Friday.  It was super easy and very much appreciated.  

 And then Friday night the party continued as I met a friend at Costco to do our monthly shopping trip.  Then while we were there we ran into another friend.  So fun!  Since we didn't take kids we were able to linger at the VitaMix display.  Have you seen that thing?  Man, I love it!  My friend even left with one. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

This week

Saturday the big boys had Bible drill.  Jack had it in the morning and Clayton had it in the afternoon.

Andrew had soccer, but Jack's game was canceled because of rain.  After all of the morning festivities I took Jack to a friends house for a few hours and then everyone had a birthday party.  Fred went to the hospital to make some visits.  I came home and crashed.  I actually slept for about 2 hours, which is very unlike me.  I woke up in time for a dinner meeting and then hit the bed again that night.

Monday I switched the boys closet.  Don't tell me I don't lead an exciting life!  While I was cleaning out I found Andrew's glasses that have been lost for a week.  Amazing!
I may have been so excited that I screamed!  Yahoo!

Tuesday I was at home so Fred and I went to lunch.  While we were out I got an email from Jack's teacher about Andrew.  Yes, Jack's teacher about Andrew.  This is what it said...

So I found out at lunch something that will make you laugh out loud!!! Andrew is spreading the love of this hilarious joke.
Have you ever seen the movie constipated?
That's because it hasn't come out yet!
Thought you'd love that!  Jack did!

Yes, that note came from Jack's teacher about Andrew.   Please let that sink in.  Andrew's joke traveled the school so much that it reached Jack's teacher.  We keep it classy.  I honestly have no words.  Mercy.

When I walked out of the house on Tuesday morning this, was my view.
Not too bad, right?  Even if baseball was canceled. 

Because of rain, baseball practice was canceled so we actually had a night at home.  It was all things glorious.  At home.  Ahhh.  I could really get used to this arrangement.  Jack was not feeling well.  He took his temperature around 7 pm and it was 101.  Boo.  On the up side, he did get to stay home with me on Wednesday.
Here are Dash's feelings on Tuesday and baseball being rained out.

Thursday Fred and I put on our grown up pants and met with our brother in law for a little financial planning pow wow.  It was exciting....if you're a grown up.  Good times.  The meeting did involve Lenny's, which was wonderful.  As a bonus no one had any homework that night, so that's awesome.

Clayton's choir did sing at a preview night for the sixth grade.  He looked too cute standing in the hall in his little suit.  You can see by the look on his face that he was thrilled with me taking his photo.  Ha!  Middle school is wonderful!

Friday afternoon I got a special treat as I had lunch with these sweet girls.  We ate at a Mexican restaurant where they think very highly of their food.  I'm not even going to say what I spent on my lunch. Despite the sticker shock I received from the menu prices, he food and company were both marvelous!

Friday night we had a parent's night out at church. We fed the boys pizza and sent them on their way.  We then played dominoes with some friends until we had to pick everyone up.  It was a great night.  I have no pictures of this night.  I mean, how rowdy are we?!? Did I mention we played dominoes?!?

Friday, April 15, 2016

This Week

Saturday morning found us at the ball park again.  Andrew had soccer and Jack had baseball.  Fred took Andrew so I have no pictures from that event.  I do have a few from Jack.  Jack was the pitcher is a very noncompetitive league.  He grinned from ear to ear the entire time.  He would throw a ball and smile.  He would catch the ball and smile.  He would wait for the ball to be thrown back to him and he would smile.  In the end his team won.  Guess what he did?!?  Smiled.  Loves a sport.

Andrew did come to the half the game.  It was freezing and he was in shorts and a tshirt...even though I told him it would be cold.  We snuggled up.  

After the games we headed to Jackson for my grandmother's 90th birthday party.  Apparently playing baseball and smiling wears a fella out. 
We headed to the party that my Aunt Janice so beautifully planned.  I mean really.  She can plan a party!  We all had opportunities throughout the party.  I got to restock tables, serve cake, and stand by the guest registry.  After the party we ate at Logan's. Here's our family all ready to party.

Sunday morning we were just eating breakfast as usual.  Jack broke out his Memphis car salesman pitch.  The car commercials here in Memphis are something.  They seem to yell.  Actually, they do it just like this...

We have not laughed like that in a while.  He is a funny guy!

On Wednesday I volunteered at Clayton's school, but he didn't know it.  You know what middle schoolers love?!?  Turning around and seeing their mother standing in their school waiting to take a picture.  Ha!  Not really...

They had an honor roll party and my friend snapped this picture.  Such a cutie.  
 Grandma Beulah gave Renee a shirt of Fred's (my father in law, not my husband...very confusing) to give to my boys.  Clayton tried it on and loved it.  I think that's so sweet. 
 Friday I pressure washed our patio and gave it a little/much needed makeover.  I love to pressure wash.  I've got my eye on our driveway and fence.  But for now, this will have to do. 

Clayton is going to study at a friend's house tonight.  Jack has gone to practice baseball, but for the most part we were just at home Friday night.  Glorious. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

This week

Saturday and Sunday we had a house full of boys.  I was responsible for breakfast and lunch.  They cleaned me out for breakfast, but at lunch they didn't really eat too much.  Here's breakfast...

We loved having all these boys in our home and can't wait to do it again!
Sunday afternoon I decided I might be in need of a little relaxation with some yoga.  I grabbed some friends and we headed to class.  Little did we know that we would be doing handstands.  It's been a while since I've done a handstand, but I did it.  Of course, I was against the wall, but who cares. 

Andrew brought this paper home from school.  I was impressed with his handwriting and sentence writing skills.  He said his teacher helped him spell own and their and he did the rest.  Then he said, "Did I do okay?"  Yep.  Yep, you did.  

Thursday afternoon Jack got in the car and told me it was Cici's Pizza night for the fourth graders at his school.  I already had spaghetti made, but we went to kindergarten night so I figured we should go to fourth grade night as well.  I just threw caution to the wind.  

Thursday evening Clayton and Jack had Bible Drill at church.  I'm not sure who was more nervous, me or them.  About a week before the drill I discovered one of our children participating did not know what he had been communicating to me that he knew.  So yeah, I was a little nervous.  In the end it didn't really matter.  He memorized lots of verses of scripture that he will remember throughout his life and that's what this process if for after all. Mun, Janice and Mimi came for the big night. 

Friday morning I went to Jackson to meet Christy for yoga and lunch. Then I headed to church to help decorate for my grandmother's party.  

Friday night we had dinner with a sweet family from church.  They made tacos and our children played together for hours.  It was delightful.  We will be doing it again soon! We have no pictures because between the two families there were 8 children.  It was so fun and so wild!

Friday, April 1, 2016

This week

We unloaded our bags from Vancouver and hit the ground running.  Andrew spent a little time practicing his writing.  He wrote out the chorus of Taylor Swift's song, Bad Blood.  I'm not sure whether I'm proud or embarrassed.  That is a lot of words though. I love the "hay" at the end.
Friday night we met up with a couple of friends and had a Passover meal.  Our friends, the Sullivans, explained all of the elements.  It was a great time.
Saturday morning we cleaned out the garage and it was so fun.  Well, I guess it's fun depending on who you ask.  Ha!  I, for one, had a blast!
 My faithful helpers.  They may or may not have been bribed with a movie if they were good helpers. 

 As if we could stand any more fun, we headed to our church's Easter Egg hunt.  Andrew and Jack hunted eggs, but I only got a picture of Andrew.  We had a really good time!

Easter morning is always crazy, but the boys and I (and my Aunt Christie, who was an extra set of hands) deserve a gold star.  We made it to church 5 minutes early.  This NEVER happens.  Never.  We got a picture with the four of us because Fred left early.
 The boys left with my parents after church to go to Fred and Renee's for lunch so there wasn't even anyone at church to take our picture.  So, we took a selfie.  I'm pretty sure we were the last ones there. 
Once we got to Fred and Renee's we were able to take a picture together.  Finally.  Because when every boy has a bow tie on you must document it. 
As I looked at this picture I thought back to last year.  Please someone tell me the boys have not grown this much?  (I'm wearing the same shoes from last year. Yes, my eyes are closed.)
The middle schooler was thrilled to be heading back to school and to have his picture taken...except not at all. Ha!
Dash does not like a bath or a storm.  Below he is hiding under my bed when I suggested it might be time for a bath.  I even put a treat under his nose to coax him out.  He refused the treat and the opportunity to come out from under the bed.
Then a storm was rolling in and he tried to jump in my lap while I was working at the computer.  Big Baby.
Baseball season started for Jack.  He absolutely loves a sport.  He grins from ear to ear.  I wish I could get this response when I serve broccoli at supper.
Thursday morning was a crazy morning.  The younger boys had a breakfast at their school at 7:15. (Please note that I think I left my lipstick in Vancouver.  Whoops.  I might should buy a new one.)
 Then by 8:00 am we were at Clayton's school for him to be inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. 
 Here we are with his precious principal. 
 And by 8:30 am Clayton was eating cake.  I think he was more excited about eating the cake rather than being inducted into the Honor Society.  Priorities people. 
While leaving Clayton's school I noticed this sign on the wall.  I'm thinking about making a necklace out of it and wearing it everywhere I go. 
Thursday afternoon several friends needing help delivering their precious middle schoolers after school.  I couldn't resist a picture.  That's the sweetest group of middle schoolers.

Friday Andrew had Wild West day because they were studying the letter W.  I kept calling it Wild Wild West day.  Andrew let me know there was only one wild in their day.  Oh, sorry about that.  I was throwing it back to the early nineties with a song that I remember about the Wild, Wild West.  I guess he wasn't around for that.  Is that not the cutest cowboy you've ever seen?!?

Friday night (and all weekend) we are hosting a group of middle school boys from our church.  They will be here until Sunday morning.  I bought 6 bags of chips, 3 boxes of Little Debbies, and 4 two liter drinks.  I'm hoping something is left by morning.  I felt like explaining myself to the cashier, since I've never bought that much junk food.  In the end I decided to just smile and let her think I was going to eat all of that. 

While the kids were at church and Jack went to a friend's house it was just me, Fred and Andrew.  We opted for a wild and crazy night at Costco...complete with a $10.  Fred and I talked about what life will be like when Andrew is an "only child".  He will be 15,  Jack will be 18 and Clayton will be 21.  Gulp.  It will be here before we know it.  The biggest question Fred and I have about 15 year old Andrew?  I wonder if he'll still ask SO many questions?!?  Hey Mom.  Hey Mom. Hey Mom. Mom, mom, mom, mom.