Thursday, May 10, 2018

It's been so long...too long, really

Today is the first day I think I've sat down to do anything but study in a while. (More on that later.) I've been steadily taking pictures, but not loading them here...which is really a shame. I started this family blog to keep a record of all sorts of things, mainly this family. The days and years just seem to fly by and here I sit 5 months later without any sort of update. Whoops. We'll blame it on life. I don't even know where to begin, so I'll start with photos from my phone. Where else would I start?!?

The big boys went on a ski trip with our church. I'm proud to report they both returned injury free and in one piece. I'm also proud to report that one morning they showed up for breakfast dressed alike in their ski trip sweatshirts. I laughed pretty hard for 6:15 in the morning.

 Jack did come down with strep throat, but honestly, what winter season is complete without Jack being sick?!? I convinced him to get the shot. He took one for the team. The joke was on me though because penicillin shots are now about $200. No joke.
PS-Jack no longer fits on the tables at the doctor's office.
I got the flu this winter. There are no pictures of that. It was terrible. I hope I never get it again. Ever and ever. Amen.

 Jack "finished" basketball season and received the award for most improved on his team. I use air quotes on the word finished because we haven't really stopped. We just went from practices and games to scrimmage and games. Basketball is a year round sport...or so I've been told.

We had an event at church and since Fred was out of town I hosted a precious group of high school girls. I never get the girls. I just love this group of girls. They make my heart so happy. 
 And then each school morning I get the opportunity to host, what I lovingly refer to as, the appling fraternity. I take a van load of middle school boys to school each morning. When I open up the doors it looks like the clowns at the circus getting out of my vehicle.
Life has been rough for Dash the Dog since we've been running and going so much. I'm just kidding. Life is never rough for Dash the Dog. He lives his best life every day...forgetting most days that he is, in fact, A DOG. 

All I can say on this is GROSS. Gross. My friend sent me a picture of her perfectly behaved dog. I tried to get a selfie with me and Dash. When I clicked the picture, this is what I got. {insert eyeroll}

With the dawn of a new season we had to do a little shopping. I really do mean a little in...we shopped for maybe 2 hours. Some of us in the group were happier about it than others. 

And then there was Easter. Getting a picture that morning proved to be easier said than done. The pollen count must have been up. Regardless, those are some pretty cute boys. 

With all the sports going on around here we really haven't had much time for anything else. However, over spring break we were able to get away for a few days to Little Rock, Arkansas. We did a little indoor rock climbing and then we climbed a literal mountain. We really had the best time together. Five people in a hotel could that not be fun?!?

In other news, my friend, Stephanie, and I started a new adventure. We started real estate classes. We went from 9 to 1 every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday for seven weeks. I'm happy to report that both of us passed our test and should be selling real estate pretty soon. 

 Since class was until 1 each day I had to pack a lunch. I haven't packed a lunch for myself in years. Years.
One of my favorite things to do in Memphis is to hike at Shelby Farms. There is a 6 mile path that I just love. Liz, Tori, and Sydney met me one morning for a hike. It was really fun. 

Speaking of fun, because of our cra.zee lives around here I've resorted to grocery shopping on Friday nights. Wild and crazy I tell you. Wild and crazy. 

 The big guys leave for school by 6:35 each morning, but mornings are really our sweetest times together as a family. This particular morning we had eggs and toast. I put honey on Andrew's toast and he told me it made him feel like he was at Mun and Janice's house when he ate toast with honey. If you know Mun and Janice then you know that's high praise for my breakfast to match to their house.
 Jack usually gets to breakfast first. He likes the middle piece of the banana bread. Ha!
I spend an inordinate amount of time waiting for pick ups at different sport practices. And let me tell you about the coaches in our life. They are wonderful, but they have ABSOLUTELY no concept of time. None. Practice is over at 5?? Nope. Just kidding. That was just a suggestion. 
I try to make the best of these days, especially when the weather is gorgeous. When you have to wait 30-45 minutes for practice to be over why not just make the best of it??
Clayton was inducted into the High School Beta Club (I think it was the Beta Club. When you have three children and everyone goes in different directions it's really hard to keep up.) We had a lovely night together. I am so proud to be his mom...not because he makes good grades, but because of the content of his character. He is quick to admit he's wrong. Quick to ask for forgiveness. Quick to learn. Honestly, if he wasn't my son I'd be jealous of the mom who called her his own. 

Andrew has been playing soccer. Some of his biggest fans even came to cheer him on. I think it's safe to say that nobody else had their 93 year old great grandmother at the soccer fields. 
 Did you know that if it's not raining when the soccer game begins and then it starts raining while you are playing that you just keep playing. Ask me how I know this?? The top of this picture is my umbrella. I sat huddled under that umbrella as it poured and those boys just kept playing. Thankfully Mun was not at this game because we must guard her hair at all costs.

Andrew had a program at church. He did such a good job. He even had a solo. I had my phone out and ready and I missed it. I totally missed recording the solo. 

Jack had field day this week. He won the football throw for the fourth year in a row and his team won tug of war. It really doesn't get much better for Jack. 
 Since Jack's school is so close to Fred's office he was able to swing by to watch Jack's class dominate in tug of war.
Then sweet Andrew had field day. He's not quiet the competitor that Jack is, but he has a good time. Andrew really has a good time no matter where he goes. 
 He was the anchor for his team in tug of war as well. He made Jack so proud.

Well, that's about all I have. If you're still reading at this point, you deserve a medal. I'm sure I've left a lot out. Just imagine daily soccer practice, basketball practices, soccer games, basketball games, real estate classes, homework, projects, church, grocery shopping, jobs, driving from thing to thing, keeping these ever growing boys in shoes and clothes, cooking, laundry, cleaning, and sleeping...and that about sums up our past few months. Hopefully I'll report back here sooner than I did the last time. 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

New Year

 I don't think I've updated since before Christmas. Whoops. Time kind of gets away from me. Over the Christmas break we set up bank accounts for the boys. Project Grow up Independent boys is in action.
 Christmas Eve was on a Sunday, but it didn't keep us from going to Cracker Barrel. We had a blast. After breakfast we went to church and just spent a lazy day at home.
 Then Christmas morning we had our traditional big breakfast. Mimi and Tee spend the night with us and then Renee and Fred came to join us. It was really quite fun. 

 The day after Christmas our tree was on the curb by 9:00 am, which isn't really any different from past years. We went to Jackson the next day to do Christmas with Mimi and Tee and then on Wednesday we headed to Mun and Janice's house for Christmas.

Thursday morning we left on our Christmas trip for St. Louis. We stopped for lunch at McDonald's because we had gift cards.
 We made our way to Six Flags for the biggest bummer ever. All the rides were closed and there was no communication. Bummer. Thankfully there was a Polar Plunge close by and we changed plans to head there. Polar Plunge = big snowy slide...not a jump into a cold pool.
 After STL we headed home to get ready for the Memphis game. While they lost, we had the best time with our family. The boys were super excited about attending the game. It was part of their Christmas present.

 Fred's sister, Liz, surprised her husband, Zach, with tickets to the Alabama game in New Orleans. Since Fred and Renee were in Canada Fred and I got to keep their kids. It was a rowdy 36 hours but we had the best time.
 Eventually we had to go back to school. Andrew was not too happy about it.
 Jack finished up his basketball season with a big victory. They had a few other games after this one, but this game was the best I've seen them play all year. It has been a joy to watch this team grow and play together this season.
 Andrew had Manner's Club in January. I took this cute picture of him right before he left. He said, "Mom, you know the only reason I do Manner's Club is for the snacks, right?" Well, at least he's honest, right?!?
 Memphis is notorious for predicting snow and then nothing happening. Well this time snow was predicted and we were covered. We were out of school on Friday for snow and then Monday for MLK Jr. Day. And then Tuesday we got another round of snow so we were out Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The boys only went to school on Friday. It was a good week.
 Dash lived his best life while we were all home.
Having all my people home made my heart so happy. The world doesn't stop for us very often, but when it does we sure are grateful. 

When the snow came we decided to work a puzzle. It was 1000 pieces and took some time, but we got it done. 
 Minus one piece. We were missing one piece. Ha!
This icicle was right outside our bedroom. You can't tell, but it's about 3 feet long. It's the biggest icicle I've ever seen. 
 Our sweet friends, Melody and Corey, came into town. We went to a Grizzlies game and the Cheesecake Corner. They spent the night with us and it was glorious.

 Shortly after they left I got the flu and everything stopped again. I mean stopped. Thankfully no one else has gotten the flu. We are crossing our fingers that it stays that way.