Thursday, March 21, 2013

Week at a glance

1.  Fred ran a half marathon last weekend.  His goal was to run it under 2 hours.  He finished in 1:59.59.  Not too bad, huh?!? 

2.  My grandmother and I had several restaurants where we were frequent diners.  One of those places was Puffy Muffin in Brentwood, TN.  Delicious.  Aunt Janice sent me a cookbook from Puffy Muffin upon my grandmother's death as a memorial.  I treasure it.  I perused the pages and decided on a Wheat Bread recipe.  It did not disappoint.  I wish smells could pass on this blog.  I was so excited I took a picture of the bread in the oven.  Is that not one of the prettiest things you've ever seen?!?

3.  Clayton had a school play this week.  He tried out to be "The Voice of the Grizzlies", but unfortunately he did not get this part.  Instead, he was the Governor, Bill Haslam.  I thought this was great!  I guess if you are 9 it's not quite as cool to be the governor.  He sure is a cute governor though. 

4.  Jack has had a big week.  He was notified that he was a super speller as per his quiz last week.  A super speller makes a 100 on the spelling list, plus they must make 100 on the dictation section of the quiz.  We strive for this every week.  He got the news this week.  This is a big deal in Jack's world.  We are so excited for him!
Thursday my mom was here and Jack's school called to see if I could fill in for his teacher for the second half of the day.  He was so excited!  We ate lunch together in the room and then...I pulled his tooth.  Good times.  If his week gets any better he might explode!
 5.  Andrew had an Easter Egg hunt at story hour on Monday.  It was loads of fun.  I can't believe my last kiddo is hunting eggs at story hour.  Sigh.
Before the hunt we had a momentous occasion though.  Andrew volunteered to be a duck in the song, "Five Little Ducks".  This was huge.  He participated.
Me and "the baby" after the hunt.  I was secretly hoping he had gotten all Reese's Eggs.  Oh, heavenly day those things are delicious. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013


I love this picture.  At first glance it looks like a picture of Jack, but it you look in the background carefully you'll see my grandmother.  We happenned to be in Franklin one day when it snowed.  She was so tickled to have us there and to watch the boys play in the snow.  This picture captures her personality for me.  She is grinning from ear to ear and in the background. 
She was the best grandmother a girl could ask for.  I was able to tell her that before she died.  In fact, I was able to tell her a lot in that quiet hospital room with just me and her.  Last Wednesday, though, I told her goodbye for the last time, this side of eternity.  I got to her room and she died five minutes later.  I was holding her hand as she met Jesus.  I will forever believe that she waited on me.  I will forever be grateful for the honor. 
Someone asked me what made her so great and I began compiling a list in my mind (I do love a list):
-As a child I honestly believed we went to Chucky E. Cheese (Showbiz Pizza) because SHE wanted to go.  Grin.
-She took me all around Nashville to places like the Hermitage, Cheekwood, and the Adventure Science Center.
-She always treated me like a young lady.  As a child I can remember holding my own crystal goblet at the perfectly set dinner table. 
-She was the best shopping partner.  She would last longer than me. 
-She intorduced me to classic/old movies like Singing in the Rain, Meet Me in St. Louis and North and South.   
-She told me stories about when she was a child.  I hung on to those stories.  I loved hearing them. 
-When we would go to dinner my grandfather would insist on paying and he'd say, "You can spend it now while we're with you or you can have it when we're gone."  What I wouldn't give to have dinner with them again.  What I wouldn't give. 
  -We always went to church with them on Easter Sunday.  I can still hear her singing.  I hope I never lose that sound in my mind. I loved going to church with her.  I loved her humble, simple faith.
-Speaking of singing...she spoke to me in a sing songy voice.  No one said my name quite like she did.  
-When I was with her she made me feel like there was nothing else she would rather be doing.
-Even through dementia when I would leave she would say, "Call me when you get home."
-She had impeccable taste...from clothes, to furniture, to food.  Impeccable.
-When my grandfather died she stayed by his side until the very last moments.  The morning of his funeral I watched her hold her head up, lay out her clothes and lead our family as we grieved his loss. 
-When you asked her if she needed anything she would grin and say, "A million dollars".  Always made me laugh.  She also said, "Money doesn't make you happy, but if I had to choose I'd rather be rich and misersable as opposed to poor and miserable."  Ha! 
-She loved me...plain and simple.  She loved me.  And I loved her. 

My list could go on and on.  She left me with a lifelong heritage, for which I will forever be grateful.  In the words of Clayton, this isn't the end, but merely the beginnig for her.  I'll see her again someday, but for today, I sure do miss her. 

The last time I took her out from her "hotel" we went to The Cheesecake Factory and shared a piece of cheesecake.  She looked so pretty sitting across from me.  Precious lady.  xoxo

Catching Up

Remember Jack's reading challenge?!?  He did it!  He read an entire chapter book by himself and took/passed an AR test.  He got his pizza, although much to his disappointment he had to share it with the rest of the family.  Way to go Jack!
 Andrew and I got to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday at Story Hour.  Who doesn't love a party?!?  I'm not sure about the look on his face, but he was super excited.  He even volunteered to be a part of one of the songs.  I have the video to prove it.  It may be a first and last for him.

 Jack got to celebrate Elegant Dinner at his school.  All the students dress up in their "Sunday best" and are treated to an elegant dinner, complete with a harpist.  I wasn't in town when this took place.  I was in Nashville with my grandmother.  Much thanks to Fred for getting Jack dressed up and to all my friends for sending me pictures during the event so I wouldn't be left out. 

 Andrew is typically so grateful.  I went to a consignment sale and bought him some clothes and shoes for this summer.  He was so excited.  We had to take off his pajamas and try them on immediately.  He said, "Thanks mom.  I really like my clothes."  Too sweet.  He slept in those shorts that night. 
 Dr. Seuss's birthday was celebrated by every member of the Shackelford household.  Fred went to Clayton's school to read and then Clayton went to Jack's school to read.  It was really sweet.  He asked me if he could go read to Jack's class.  I love it when my boys love on each other.  My only regret is that I don't have a picture of them together that day.  Jack presented Clayton with a Hershey bar as a gift from the class.  Then Jack asked Clayton if he could have his Hershey bar.  Clayton said no.  Feel the love.  Classic.
Clayton has is working on a Power Point presentation at school.  He does not need our help apparrently. (YEAH!!)  The following is our converstaion from this week:
Clayton:  I'm working on this Power Point at school and I've found a way to make it much easier. 
Me:  Really?  What is it?
Clayton:  Well, I just find information that I need on the computer, highlight it and then paste it in to my presentation. 
Me:  Gasp...Clayton, you can't do that.  That is cheating.  It's called plagerism and it's illegael. 
Clayton:  Really? 
Me:  Yes, it's a pretty serious offense.  Not to mention, just a bad habit to get in to. 
Clayton:  Can you go to jail?
Me:  I don't think so, but I'd fix it as soon as possible.  Grin. 

Fred is running a half marathon this Saturday.  He has trained through the winter to be ready.  I think this qualifies him as "hard core". 

I am going to a shower this weekend for Fred's sister.  She is having a girl.  I say...better her than me!!  In just buying for the shower I've been out of control.  Out of control.  Good times, though.