Saturday, February 27, 2016

This Week

After staying up until 1:30 am my 5:30 am alarm clock came early.  We had to leave early to get back for...wait for games.  Clayton's game was at 8:45 am.  We left Paris around 5:50 am with a smile on our faces and arrived just in time to play ball...after we stopped for gas and breakfast. 
All three boys had basketball games.  Saturday was Andrew's last game.  The big boys have two more. 
After being up so late, this little fella literally fell asleep in mid sentence.  Too sweet.  We were all pretty tired and called it an early night Saturday. 
Sunday we went to church, but the weather was pretty nice so that afternoon we headed to Shelby Farms for a little hiking.  Fred had a meeting at 4, so he and Andrew headed back after a little while, but Jack, Clayton and I did the entire 6 mile loop.  About four times during the hike Clayton said, "I don't remember seeing this."  And I calmly responded with, "That's because this hike is a loop."  He would say, "Oh yeah."  The fourth time he said it, I said, "IT'S A LOOP!!!"  We both started hysterically laughing and from then on he would comment about how he hadn't seen this before. It was too funny.

Sunday night I took sweet baby N and held him through the service.  That sweet little baby hand on his face is almost more than I can handle.

 Andrew is the Star of the Week and I'm pleased to say I got his poster made.  My skills with some tape and a Sharpee know no limits. 

Tuesday I had a meeting at a restaurant.  When the meal is over they bring fruit and it's always pretty, but it's not ever been this pretty.  I'm not usually one to take a picture of my food, but this was too cute for a Tuesday.  
 Tuesday night Clayton had his last basketball practice.  His coach asked for parents and siblings to come so Jack and I joined him on the court.  Everyone played with basically no rules.  It was really fun.  I even broke a sweat. 
Wednesday morning Fred and I go to boot camp early.  We were running around the perimeter of the gym and he was getting too close to me.  Well, he started messing with me and getting closer and closer...until...he tripped me.  He tripped me. In the middle of the gym with 30 people watching...I fell flat on my hiney.  I told him flowers would be appropriate.  I have yet to see a flower.  Ha! 

 Thursday Andrew had an eye appointment in Germantown.  The big boys did not want to go, so it was just me and Andrew.  This sweet boy was in the back seat and pretty quiet when he said, "Mom, I really like being with you."  Be still my heart.  I just about cried.  Sweetest thing ever. 

Friday of Andrew's star of the week festivities Fred and I got to read to his class, share some muffins, and eat lunch with him.  He had us all to himself and he talked and talked and talked.  He also got a really sweet book from his classmates telling what they love about him.  He has read it several times.  

Monday, February 22, 2016

This week

Saturday found us at another basketball game, but we had a traveling fan club with us this week.
Well, if that's not the sweetest group of fans you ever did see...
This is how the morning went down.  Everybody headed to Faith Baptist for Andrew's game at 9:00, except me and Clayton.  I took Clayton to his game at Bartlett Hills at 9:00, left him there and then headed back to Andrew's game. As soon as I got to Andrew's game Fred left, along with everyone else, to head to Clayton's game.  When Andrew's game was over we went back to Clayton's game to watch the second half.  Once Clayton's game was over everybody headed to Jack's game. Then Jack had pictures.  Mun and Janice headed home.  Renee, Fred, Mimi, Tee and my crew went to Lenny's for lunch.  Then the girls went to Southern Whimsy (a gift shop) and Clayton had his pictures at 2:30.  By the time it was all over I was exhausted and ready for bed.  Ha!
Here's a clip from Andrew's game.  Andrew will make a basket, but the most precious thing about the video is watching Jack cheer him on as he "coaches" the team.  Too sweet.

The boys left with Mimi and Tee and gave us an evening at home.  We stayed around the house and then headed to Elwood's Shack for dinner and Lowe's to walk around.  Our romance knows no end.  The boys were in Jackson with Mimi and Tee at Sky Zone
 And then dinner at Sparky's pizza buffet.  Clayton had hot wings...his love language.  Jack had a chocolate chip pizza...his love language.  Andrew had Mimi all to himself to be able to say, "Hey Mimi.  Hey Mimi.  Hey Mimi.",,,his love language.
 Then Sunday after church the boys got to celebrate Valentines with another favorite Valentine, Aunt Janice.  They feasted on Taco Bell, which speaks love to them.
Monday we we were out of school and several friends came over.  Mondays out of school are the best.  It's like a second weekend.  I wish we had one every week!  It was rainy all morning so they couldn't go outside.  At one point they started playing hid and seek upstairs. There must have been a little tackle going on, because I literally thought the light fixtures were going to fall from the ceiling.

Andrew continues to lose teeth.  He lost another tooth on the bottom, which makes 4.  His mouth looks like quite the puzzle. 
One morning everyone was gone but me and Andrew.  We got a few games on Candy Land in.  He really enjoys playing a board game.  Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders are his favorites.

Thursday night was kind of crazy.  I thought I would write it down so I don't forget what life is like during this season.  We all ate dinner together.  Fred took Clayton and Jack to Bible Drill at 6:50.  He left them there and headed for the University of Memphis to speak at the BCM.  Andrew and I stayed home until about 7:30.  We picked up Jack at church and then took him to basketball.  Then Andrew and I came back home and played a few board games.  At 7:50 we headed out the door to get Clayton.  Once home Clayton and Andrew got showers and we prepared lunches.  Andrew and Clayton stayed home when I picked up Jack at basketball at 8:30.  Jack's practice was a little late getting over.  He got a shower, made his lunch, and then we all said prayers.  We were all in the bed by 9:00.  Fred came home at some point.  I have no idea.  I was asleep.  I was exhausted.

Friday I checked the boys out of school early and we headed to Paris for B's birthday party.  I don't know who was more excited, me and Melody or the boys?!?  We surprised B and picked him up at school.  We ran around town and hugged a few necks, then we headed to the party.  After the party we headed to Melody's house to spend the night.  We finally put the boys to bed at 11:00 pm and then Melody and I stayed up until 1:30 am talking, laughing and catching up.  I told her the last time I was up that late was in 1999 when we were roommates and I came out of my room to tell her to be quiet...people were trying to sleep.  Ha!  It was a night I will not soon forget.  Lifetime friends are such a blessing. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

This week

Saturday morning found us at the basketball court.  Three courts to be exact.  Since Clayton got his cast off we are now back to three games every Saturday morning.  Clayton and Andrew don't mind playing basketball.  Clayton is a very good fundamental player...meaning...he will do whatever he is told to the letter.  He is teachable and he listens.  I love that about him.  Andrew plays basketball to talk to the "friends" on the court.  He could care less.  He is always smiling and having fun.  Jack is in it to win it.  He takes the game very seriously.  He scored 16 points (of the 32), had 10 rebounds and countless assists.  He grins the entire long as they are winning. He is coachable and a delight to watch.
After basketball was over Renee took Andrew to Zachary's birthday party.  He got to spend the afternoon at a trampoline place, eating cake, and cruising the aisles at Dollar Tree.  That Zachary knows how to throw a party.

The boys and I headed to Fred and Renee's a little later.  Fred and I had a dinner so they were going to spend the night.  On the way there I got a call from Melody telling me they were passing through and stopped at Shelby Farms.  She wanted to know if we could stop.  As it happened we had about 45 minutes worked into our schedule so it worked perfectly for us to stop.  I told the boys we were going to cut through Shelby Farms because of traffic.  Boy were they surprised when we stopped at Shelby Farms and the Cains were standing there.  Jack's face almost cracked from his smile.

Sunday afternoon Andrew went home with Fred and Renee to go on his birthday date with Zachary.  Fred and Renee take each grandchild out for a date on their birthday.  They went to McDonalds for lunch, then to the mall at the Disney store, and then "played" the machines at the mall.  A good time was had by all.
Monday night Jack's choir sang the National Anthem at the Grizzlies game.  Jack was pretty excited!  He also had quite the fan club there cheering him on.

Thursday this letter was returned to our mailbox. We have a good friend that is the Chief Postal Inspector here in Memphis (who knew there was such a title/position?!?).  I sent the following text to him and Fred: I am appalled at the USPS and would like to file a formal complaint.  I do not know why this was returned to me!  His response was:  A true mystery.  I will launch an investigation immediately.  Friends in high places are the best.  I hope he is able to crack this one.  Ha!

Thursday was horrible hair day at school.  I think Andrew and I nailed it!

I had a long to do list on Thursday afternoon, but I decided to paint a wall in our kitchen with chalkboard paint and make a chocolate cake.  Sometimes life is hard. (In other news, I'm also learning how to edit you can see with this picture of the chocolate cake.)

Friday morning the boys did not have school.  We ate breakfast, I cleaned up the kitchen, I steam mopped the floors with bleach, I sipped coffee out of my new mug, and I lit this candle from Anthropology.  I declared this morning to be the perfect morning.  

I made a breakfast of little sausage links (I think they are called Little Smokies) wrapped in a strip of crescent rolls.  I had 7 for each boy.  When we sat down there were only 5 left for Andrew.  Clayton had 7 and Jack had 7.  I told them there were enough for each boy to have 7.  When I started questioning them Jack could not hold it together.  He was grinning from ear to ear.  I then said, "Each boy gets 7 counting what he already has in his stomach."  Bingo.  Jack put back two, grinning from ear to ear.  That boy.  

I put a new collage wall up in our guest bedroom this week.  I'm really pleased at how it turned out.  I might be going a little overboard with all the collages, but they make me smile.  It's my house.  I'll hang collages if I want to.  ;-)

Once the chalkboard paint dried the boys had fun drawing all over it.  Clayton told me he was going to draw me a flower since he couldn't buy me any for Valentine's day.  Be still my heart.
We celebrated Valentines a little early with the boys by going to OEC...our favorite restaurant in Bartlett.  They were thrilled!
 Then I came home and painted a desk...
And hung another collage.  Ha!

Later that night Fred and I went to Braden Station with our senior adults at church for Valentines while the two youngest boys went to church for a party.  Clayton stayed with a friend and played video games.  Everyone enjoyed their evening.  I even took a selfie with two of our sweet ladies. (It was their first selfie. Ha!)

Saturday, February 6, 2016

This week

Saturday morning found us at the basketball court again, but before we left everyone fueled up on carbs and sugar.  Yum!
 With three boys playing basketball...well 2 since Clayton's arm/cast incident...we spend the majority of our Saturday mornings at the basketball court.  Good times.
 As a special treat I got to meet my friend at Muddy's bake shop.  I enjoyed a piece of chocolate cake with peanut butter icing.  Yum!  I wanted a cold coffee instead of hot coffee.  They had this cold brew.  Guess what I paid for it?!?  Six dollars.  Six.dollars.  Can you believe that?  Muddy's is delicious.  The cold brewed coffee was divine.  But six dollars?  I told Fred we are clearly in the wrong line of work.  We should have a cold brew coffee company.
Andrew's buddy, Ray, had a 60th birthday party.  We celebrated with his family and several people from church.  We tried to get a picture of them together, but Ray was very interested in the balloon.  Happy birthday to Ray!
Monday Clayton had an honor roll party at the bowling alley.  I chaperoned AND I got a picture with the honor roll honoree.

Friday morning it was 36 degrees outside and sunny.  It was delightful and it was a run day.  I put on some cold weather gear and headed out.  
While I was running the grandparents were here for Grandparent's Day at Jack and Andrew's school.  They had the best time!  I'm so thankful the boys have such a great support system. 

My mom and dad had to come in Thursday night since the festivities started at 7 am.  We went to Captain D's for dinner.  Andrew took his blanket with him in the car b/c he hit his head right before we left the house.  When we got to Captain D's Andrew asked mom to please lock the car because his blanket was in there.  Ha!  Yes, lock the car for the blanket.  

 Friday morning the PTO at Clayton's school treated the teachers to a "Soup" er bowl party.  We are so pleased with the schools that the boys attend.  Clayton's middle school is top notch.
 Speaking of his middle school...they hosted a trivia night on Friday night.  Clayton brought a friend so we called our team Colin and the Shackelfords.  We came in 4th place and had a blast.  If you are ever on a trivia team you want Fred on your team.  Just sayin...