Thursday, February 24, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  After several weeks off from running Fred is back.  He is happy to be on the pavement again!  
2.  Several people in my family had medical tests this week.  They all came back negative.  (Which in the medical world is a good thing!)
3.  We had breakfast for supper this week--a Shackelford family favorite.  We had chocolate gravy with our meal.  Clayton was savoring every bite and then proclaimed that I made the second best chocolate gravy.  Second best...what?!?  He told me Grandma Beulah made the best.  I guess I can be second best to Grandma Beulah. :-) 
4.  Jack asked me to stay at preschool with him one day this week.  I was pleased for two different reasons:  1)  He wants me to be with him.  2)  He was participating.  The second reason is huge for Jack.  He just doesn't usually participate.  He isn't trying to be rude, he's just super shy. 
5.  Andrew had his first taste of a Peep this week.  (Tiny bites at a time.)  He ate two.  When he asked for a third. I told him no.  He covered his face with his hands, said no really pitiful and then fell to the ground.  I think he liked the Peep.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bennett is 5!

Jack's BFF Bennett turned 5.  I cannot believe Bennett is five.  I just visited his mother (my BFF) at the hospital before Bennett was born.  It doesn't seem possible.  Here are the two big guys together at the skating rink... 

Andrew does not want the big boys to do anything without him.  After pulling him off the skating rink four times Fred decided he needed some skates of his own.  He was too cute!
(On a side note...Fred and I did not skate.  Big people fall too hard!  I have come to realize I only get one body and I must take care of it.)

Happy Birthday, sweet Bennett!  We are so glad you call our Jack your friend.  God has blessed you with a precious family and we know He has great things in store for your life!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  Fred and I got the opportunity to deliver flowers on Valentine's day for a friend in town that owns a florist.  We got to ride around town and make deliveries together.  It was the best date we've had in a while.  I hope we are able to do it again next year!
2.  I have the best family.  Hands down...b.e.s.t.!!  I couldn't have made it through this week without them.
3.  For Valentine's day we got the boys Cosmic Brownies and a Hot Wheels car.  Clayton was really excited.  He went into the dining room and asked me not to come in.  When I came in the kitchen the following was on the table:
He got three dollars of his own money to give to me.  Fred had a card just like it with the same amount of money.  I think it is the most thoughtful thing he's ever done.  Precious.
4.  Fred and Renee got the boys Wheel of Fortune for the Wii for Valentine's day.  Clayton loves it.  He won $30,000 in the bonus round the other day.  When we checked the mail (for #5) Wednesday Jack asked if Clayton's check was in there.  You know, for winning the bonus round.  Funny stuff.
5.  We left Andrew's blanket in Memphis.  Except for about 30 minutes he cried the entire ride home.  Fred and I were very concerned.  Thankfully, Jack reluctantly gave his blanket to Andrew.  It worked for a few days, but Andrew and his blanket were reunited Wednesday.  It was quite the reunion. 

Elegant Dinner

This week at Clayton's school we had Spring Pictures and Elegant Dinner.  All the students at Clayton's school dressed in their best to have a class picture made.  Then for lunch, they entered the cafeteria through the archway below.  Once seated in the decorated lunch room all our parent volunteers served each child a delicious lunch.  There was even a harpist to play through lunch.  What a day!

 The school board, other principals and other community leaders join us.  Each class decorates a place mat to put on the head table. 
 Since I was there all day I got to get this cute, little fellas picture. 
 Also, since I worked with the 2nd grade ushers I was able to capture a moment with this precious 2nd grader.  Do we need to mention that he is in 2nd grade?!?  I had a moment Wednesday while I was standing with some kindergarten parents.  It seems like yesterday that we were just getting started at Rhea.  I can't believe Clayton will go to the next school and Jack will start kindergarten in the fall.  It just doesn't seem possible!

Pinewood Derby

Pinewood Derby was Sunday.  Fred and Clayton worked really hard on car #22--the bullet. 
 We met up with our good friend and had a good afternoon watching all the races. 

Even though we didn't win we had the best time.

Please STOP!

To the person who continues to throw eggs at our Jeep,
Please stop hitting our car with eggs on Saturday night.  It is annoying.  You cause me to want to say ugly things while I'm heading out to church.  Stop.  Here's an idea...get a job, learn to help others and make a positive contribution to society...Then maybe you'll find something to do with your time outside of vandalism. 
The Shackelfords

Friday, February 11, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  Fred has been sick this week.  I won't go into details, but he slept 20 hours in a 24 hour period.  He is feeling better.
2.  I have been totally unproductive this week.  We've been out for snow since Monday afternoon and I've done nothing.  Well, not really nothing, but you know what I mean.
3. Clayton has pine wood derby this Sunday with cub scouts.  Fred has been working hard to help him.  I know he'll have a lot of fun.  I'll post pictures later. 
4. Jack had to go to his room because he was being so ugly while playing a board game.  When I went to his room I told him I was sorry he missed out on the rest of the game.  It made me very sad.  He looked at me and said, "Well, I don't wike wosing."  It's hard being a Shackelford.
5.  My dad is the train man.  When Clayton was little he installed a train around the ceiling of one of our bedrooms.  Andrew now sleeps in that bedroom.  Every time he wakes up, paci still in his mouth, he points that chubby little finger and says "train".  I turn it on.  He grins at me.  And then he watches in amazement as it goes round and round the track.  Precious.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jack's dance moves

Fred was sick (thus the reason the bed is unmade).  We have been out for snow and cooped up for a while.  I have no words for the following clip, except that he gets his moves from his dad, and we've been inside all day.

Tomorrow we will get out.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Winter Wonderland

The news this morning reported that 1 to 2 inches of snow was headed to Paris some time this afternoon.  I think they said about 1:00 p.m.  I took Jack to school and ran a few errands: recycle center, bank and grocery.  When I began running around there were some pretty big snowflakes coming down.  While I was in the grocery store my phone started ringing off the hook.  School was dismissing at noon.  It rang again.  School was dismissing at 11:00 a.m.  Before I could get home with everyone my car was slipping on the road.  I was glad to be home.  The roads are clearer now and the snow has stopped for the time being, but I hear it's coming again Wednesday.  We'll see.  For now here is a picture of our backyard.  Good times!!

Jack's special night

Having all boys can prove difficult at times.  For example...Jack loves Clayton's friends and thinks of them as his own, but sometimes the "biggest" boys need a moment alone.  Clayton's precious friend asked him to go to Nashville with his family to a hockey game.  What a treat!  The only problem was that it left Jack feeling a bit sad.  What's a mom to do?!?  No fear, Mimi and Tee to the rescue.  They were in town for Clayton's game so they stayed to make Jack feel special.  After an intense wrestling session with Tee Jack was asked where he wanted to eat.  Of course, he picked rice and beans...translation...Mexican.  He was feeling pretty special, but then Mimi and Tee pulled out all the stops and ordered this for dessert...


Needless to say as we left the restaurant Jack was grinning from ear to ear.  As a matter of fact he was still grinning when he went to bed.  He looked up at me and said, "Today WAS my special day, mom!" 
*As a side note--Jack did not eat that by himself.  There were four adults that helped him.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  Fred and I both have some injuries that have kept us from running this week.  Fred's knee is hurt and my foot is hurt.  I'm hoping to be back next week.  I'm not sure how long Fred will be out.  :-(
2.  I made homemade brown sugar cinnamon poptarts this week.  They are made with whole wheat flour and no preservatives.  Having said that I must tell you, they are not really healthy.  I call them "healthier".  I also call them GOOD!
3.  Clayton gets to go with his good friend to a hockey game this Saturday.  He is pumped.
4.  Jack had pajama day at school this week.  For a kiddo that doesn't show much emotion he was pretty fired up.

5.  (This is for my college roommates!!)  Clayton has been watching America's Funniest Videos.  Well, Andrew is usually in the room.  He loves it and actually will chuckle when he watches it.  It makes my heart skip a beat that my boys share the same affection for a funny video as I do.

Funny Boys

I asked the boys what they wanted to drink with their breakfast this morning. Clayton picked orange juice.  Jack picked water.  Upon sitting down Jack changed his mind on the water and wanted orange juice.  While Jack was changing his mind Clayton had decided he didn't want orange juice because it had pulp in it.  He made several akward faces and made several comments about his disdain for pulp in orange juice.  So what to do?!?  I poured Jack's water out and then poured Clayton's orange juice into Jack's cup.  Jack didn't seem to mind the pulp.  Jack took a big drink, looked at Clayton and said, "Qua-ton, this orange juice doesn't have poop in it!"  Awww, a morning at the Shackelford house!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jack the photographer

Jack is always picking up our camera.  You never know what he will capture.  As I was flipping through my camera I noticed he took pictures of me eating a typical Shackelford (adult) breakfast:  boiled egg, toast (this day it was a breakfast cookie), half a grapefruit, oj and coffee.  Notice the use of the zoom in the second photo...nice.  Jack's use of my camera could possibly be the reason it does not work half the time?!?