Thursday, February 19, 2015

Snow Days

Sunday night we were supposed to get some winter weather.  It did not disappoint!  My boys could not have been more thrilled!  They played outside, came in and ate, played upstairs, drank hot chocolate, and then did it all again.  The first day by 10:30 am I was making my second round of hot chocolate.  Snow days really are the BEST!
This was taken at 6:45 am on Monday morning.  My boys did not get the memo about "sleeping in" on snow days. Our neighbors LOVE us...ha!
 I just sat on the couch with a warm fire and a cup of coffee.  I think that is the grown up version of a snow day...well not all of it.  More on that later.
 Snow days are rough on Dash the Dog.  He had to take a nap in front of the fire.  It's a hard knock life for Dash.
 Some neighborhood friends came over and we abided by the schedule mentioned above.
 And...we're silly now.
 Second round of hot chocolate. You know it's a good snow day when you're on round 2 before lunch.
 They were all so sweet when they came in.  They would take off their wet layers in the garage and then come in.  The problem was their clothes never dried.  So, after a couple of times of this I decided to hang everything in the kitchen and living rom to dry.  There were clothes hanging everywhere!
 Yes, that is a rice krispie treat dunked in hot chocolate.  We enjoyed EVERY aspect of our snow days.
 This is my quintessential snow day...a movie, a puzzle and a fire.  This was day 1.  That's Pride and Prejudice on the TV. Does it get any better??
 Day 2, I kicked it old school with a little Price is Right.  Good times! 
After three days of this we had to head back to school.  Honestly, I was a little disappointed.  Winter weather is headed back in tomorrow.  We may get one more day, but I doubt it.  We'll see!! 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

This week

The science fair project was finally completed and turned in.  Clayton told me he couldn't even smile when I took this picture.  We were all done at this point.  Ha.
Andrew made this for me at school.  I thought it was really sweet and he was very proud of it.

 This is our house every morning.  Jack is outside before the sun comes up playing some kind of ball, riding a bike, running around.  All before school.  He loves being outside.  Sweet boy.
 On Friday we spent the day together as a family.  We went to Taqueria La Guadalupana for some delicious/authentic Mexican food.  When we walked in Jack whispered, "Mom, there are only Hispanic people here."  You know the food is going to be good when this happens.
 After lunch and a quick stop to the Peanut Shop we headed to church for a date night/children's valentine party.  Here's my friend Stephanie setting up the photo booth.  I call it dedication if you get on the floor to work on something, right?
 The kids had a blast!  Once the families arrived they took a picture in the photo booth and then the adults were given a road trip sheet and they left.  The kiddos all stayed for dinner and then we had them divided in to groups where they played bingo, minute to win it games, the left/right game...basically anything I found on Pinterest that looked like fun.  We then played in the gym.  I told the parents if they were late picking up their children I would give the child an espresso.  No one was late.  Grin.

 Here's our family photo booth session.  Too funny!

The morning of Valentine's Mimi sent the boys a package with Reese's hearts, Sweethearts and an invitation to come to her house next weekend.  They were elated.  I told them later the Reese's hearts were for me, not them.  I don't think they believed me.  What?!?  I know that's what Mimi meant to say!
 After ballgames that morning Fred and I headed to Overton Park for a little lunch at a new restaurant called Local On the Square.  It was divine.  In fact, it was so delish we did not even get a picture of ourselves...only the food. You are looking at Crispy Brussels with cream fresh and Lobster Mac and Cheese.  We then split a burger.  It was some of the best food I've had in a while.  If you find yourself in Memphis I would highly recommend the Overton Park area.  It is just a fun place to walk around, find good restaurants and do Hot Yoga.  Just kidding on the Hot Yoga part.  Well, I mean, it's down there, but I did not participate.  Maybe another day.
 The other part of our date was going to Costco, Sam's and Mattress Firm to find a new mattress.  We finally selected one at Costco and I found bedding that I liked/purchased.  The bedding was actually on clearance and I've had my eye on it for several weeks.  So...double bonus.  Back to the mattress...we were going to order it online, but realized it would take 2-4 weeks to get it in and it was going to be $100 more.  SO, we were going to ask a friend, but Fred thought since it was Valentine's day we shouldn't ask anyone.  So that's what we did.  I put the new bedding on the old mattress.  Then, my friend called and said they really didn't mind going to get it for us.  SO, Fred headed to Costco.  In the meantime I stripped the old mattress of all the new bedding, moved the mattress and box springs to the guest room and vacuumed under the bed.  While the vacuum was on (I'm not kidding) I heard my phone.  It was Fred.  Costco closed at 6 was 6:30 pm.  Guess who slept in the guest room last night?!? 
 I am happy to report that we finally go the new mattress today AND put the new bedding on it.  Yahoo!  I am counting down the hours until bedtime. 
Middle schoolers are so fun!  This week Clayton got up and told me he had had a nightmare.  I asked him what happened in his dream.  He told me someone called me (his mom) an ugly word and he beat that person up.  Fast forward to driving to school.  I had these Valentine glasses in the car and I told Clayton I would give him $5 if he would wear them to school.  He is very literal and did not get that I was messing with him.  He looked at me very seriously and said, "Mom, we can't wear glasses that are not prescription to school."  He still did not get it.  I said several other things to him like they'll never know (please know these were heart shaped glasses with rhinestones and pink lenses.), just tell them you have to wear them, etc.  All this time he is protesting he never gets that I'm kidding.  Finally I just give up and it's time for him to get out of the car.  As he's leaving I say out the door, "Thanks for defending my honor last night in your dream!"  He turns with a mortified look on his face, one that I will never forget, and just said an exasperated, "Mom."  I will always remember that look.  It was classic middle school.  Man, I love these guys!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

This week

 Clayton has had one project all year.  When we came back from Christmas he was assigned two.  Two in one month.  A book in a bag book report and a science fair project.  Book in a bag book big deal.  Science Fair project...yuck!  They gave us 12 days to get the experiment and written portion of the project completed.  I thought we were home free, but no...the board is due Tuesday.  I'm taking a vacation after Tuesday. 
Clayton decided to make a solar cooker.  In case you are wondering, a solar cooker will not cook a hot dog when it is 27 degrees outside. 
However, if you put it on the dash of your car and position the solar cooker just right you CAN cook a hot dog that way.  Just in case you ever find yourself in a bind...and have a hot dog, solar cooker and two hours, you will be set.  I couldn't help but laugh as I looked back to my car and saw that thing sitting on the dash.  You know you are a mom when you have a hot dog cooking on your dash.  Too funny!

By the way, I am saving all of this junk and using it for Jack and Andrew.  And I'm not even trying to hide it.  I'm just marking out Clayton's name with a Sharpee and writing Jack's name.  Then four years later I'll do the same with Andrew's name.  Yes, I will.  I will get a new hot dog though. 

Andrew spent the day with Renee and Zachary the other day for Zachary's birthday.  They went to Build a Bear and Chick Fil A.  Apparently, they played hard, because this sweet boy face planted on his build a bear box and stayed that way for about an hour.  He was one tired boy, but he sure did have fun!
He came to me a few days later and told me his tooth was hurting.  Upon further inspection I realized it was loose.  My baby had a loose tooth. I really was not ready for this moment.  I tried my best to pull it, but he would have none of it.  It fell out the other night while he was brushing his teeth.  He kept referring to is as his "wiggly, wiggly tooth".  I hope I never loose the sound of his sweet voice saying those words. 
Mun and Janice came for basketball games today, along with Fred and Renee.  Clayton had a game at 8:15 and then Jack had a game at 12:15.  They get so excited when they have people come watch them play.  They both had great games and played well.  Unfortunately, they both lost.  Neither one of them cared.  When we were walking in to Jack's game he said, "I've been looking forward to this for the past 7 days!"  He loves a sport. 

The cheering section...
If you know Jack you know he loves breakfast.  He missed men's breakfast to go watch Clayton play basketball.  He actually sat on the bench with him.  It was really sweet.  I call that love right there.  Maybe they do like each other?!?  Sweet boys.