Friday, April 29, 2011

Five on Friday--Fish Fry Edition

Today is The World's Biggest Fish Fry--the biggest day of the year here in good ol' Henry County! We're super-excited to have Mimi, Maw Maw, Aunt Elizabeth and our cousin Zachary up celebrating with us today. I'm sure pictures will come soon. In the meantime, here's our 5 for the day:

1. Yesterday we took the boys (along with Dan and Harrison, 2 of Clayton's buddies) to the Fish Fry Carnival. While we were there, Jack decided that he wanted to ride "Superman," a "big kid" ride that goes around and around REALLY fast. We weren't sure he could handle it, so Fred went with him. Turns out, Jack handled it just fine. Fred, however, was SUPER nauseous afterward. He must be getting old.
2.  Yesterday was the World's Biggest Reading Celebration at Clayton's school.  It was awesome!  To view pictures from the day, click here.
3.  Clayton is going to be riding his bike in the Fish Fry parade today with his triathlon club, the Paris Tri-Eiffel-etes.  He is excited!
 4.  The ride that was mentioned above...once we got home we realized Jack did not handle it as well as we thought.  We won't go in to it, but...he got really sick when we got home.
 5.  Andrew must be going through a growth spurt.  He is eating all the time.  One day this week Fred said he was going to make pancakes.  Andrew cried for a pan-pake until we put one on his plate.  (about 30 minutes total)  When we finally got him one he ate it so quickly that Fred and I literally looked around him to make sure he didn't just drop it.  He ate another one and got down.  Once he was down he grabbed one off the plate and carried it around the house, eating it like a cookie. 

Hangin out in the storm

 Monday the boys and I (plus a friend) hung out in the bathroom during the storm.  Jack did not get his shoes on, but we did have a Nerf gun, about 20 cars and a parking garage.  All is well!


We had a great weekend!  Fred had to preach twice in Paris on Good Friday so the boys and I headed to Jackson with my parents.  Saturday morning Fred arrived and we all participated in a Resurrection Run at my home church.  Clayton and I did the 5K and Jack and Fred did the 1 mile.  Clayton and I both finished 2nd in our age division.  Fred and Jack only did half of a mile (more on that later).  After the race we rested for a while and then headed back to church for a Resurrection Day family festival, but before we left Jack got sick.  Not too unusual for Jack, but sick none the less.  He came with us to the festival and eventually perked up a little, but after about 2 hours he was fading.  When we walked into dinner I could tell he wasn't doing well so I took him to my grandmother's house to rest.  Well...when I got back he was pitiful.  He had gotten sick AND he had a fever of 104.  Needless to say we ended up at Convenient Care in Jackson.  He missed Easter services at church.  Aunt Janice came to stay with Jack so the rest of us could go to church.
All of the kiddos sang and played bells as the service started.  (I could only get half of them because I had to sit on the front row.)  They were really sweet.  

 We headed to the egg hunt/gather after the service.  Clayton was on it!  He got a basket full of eggs and then some for sick Jack.  Jack was really pleased. 
Andrew, however, was a little overwhelmed by all the can-key.  He went straight for a ku-ker, stopped gathering and gave me the above pitiful face.  I opened his candy. 
After church we headed over to a friend's house for a delicious lunch!  It was a great day/weekend celebrating the resurrection of our Savior! 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  Fred has been sick this week.  Not a good week for a pastor to be sick.  Thankfully, (after 5 days) he went to the doctor and got some medicine.  
2.  I am always braced for the Christmas season, but for whatever reason I always forget how busy April and May can be.  Whew!  Some days it's just overwhelming, you know??  I have several things hanging over me and while I don't want to wish my life away I'm ready to mark a few things off my to-do list.
3.  I told Clayton to be sure to wear pants Thursday because it was going to be chilly.  He looked at me so puzzled and said, "Of course I'll wear pants!!  Why would I go to school without pants?!?"  Ha!  Long pants, son, long pants!
4.  Jack had an Easter Egg hunt at school.  Without any coaching he brought home some Reese's peanut butter eggs.  Guess what I took as my "mommy tax"??  Oh yes, the Reese's egg.  Are those things not heaven on earth!?!  Way to go Jack!
5.  Andrew had a double ear infection last week.  While still taking the antibiotic, he started running a fever again.  Well, he has another double ear infection.  We had to throw away the antibiotic and buy a new one.  Hope this one works.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Storms, trees down and school delay

We had terrible storms last night in Paris.  The thunder and lightning was intense.  The kids slept through it.  It woke me and Fred briefly, but we went back to sleep.  Fred and I were up a little before 6 and I got a call from Clayton's school.  His school is meeting 2 hours late because of power outages. Hum...Well, we went about our morning business.  As Fred left for the gym he walked into the living room and said, "Whoa!" We looked out our window and saw the pictures below.  Needless to say I think we'll be calling the insurance company this morning.  Anyone have a chain saw?!?  Thankfully, the tree did not break through the roof.  It appears to just have bent the gutters.  
2 hour school delay?!?  I think I'll go whip up some whole wheat waffles and we'll just have a party this morning! 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  Fred had to go to Brentwood twice this week for TBC meetings.  Two times to Brentwood, two hundred yards from my favorite restaurant in treats for me!?!  What's that about?
2.  I get to teach every Thursday in Jackson.  I have the best students.  I just love them!  I also love my "retired" family for giving up their Thursday morning to keep my children, cook my lunch and run my errands! 
3.  Clayton told me that week that he wanted to be a professional basketball player.  He then told me that if that dream didn't work out he wanted to do something dealing with reading and math.  He said he couldn't really decide which he liked more.  Isn't that great?!?   
4.  I stayed at preschool with Jack one day this week.  Some other boy was the leader.  While he stood by Ms. Jan she was commenting on how big he was.  While she was talking about him another kiddo in the circle said, "Not as big as Jack!"  It was too funny to know that even his peers think he's big.
5.  Andrew has eczema.  We have been up the ladder on medicines for the it.  By up the ladder, I'm talking the price ladder.  He has failed every medicine.  The last medicine that was prescribed was...ahem...a little short of a house payment rather pricey.  Thankfully, the doctor had samples.  I went and got them this week.  As of day two it seems to be better...fingers crossed.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Where are the boys?

Generally speaking, Andrew loves the big boys.  Generally speaking, the big boys love Andrew.  Since Andrew is the only one still having his diaper changed here at the house he is usually alone while we take care of that.  Once I put him down he can't stand it.  He goes as fast as he can to get to the big boys.  I took this short clip tonight because I don't want to forget what his little baby booty looks like "running" down the hall to find the big boys.  Thanks for humoring me. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  Fred was subpoenaed this week to testify in court regarding the burglary that took place at our church.  He came home telling fascinating tales of the other people who had to appear in court.  Some of the highlights included a stalker, a couple who rented a video game system from a local business and then promptly tried to pawn it, and a man who, in his own words, "had mental problems." If you ever decide to stop watching cable, swing by the Henry County Courthouse most any Tuesday. Judge Vicky Snyder runs a tight ship, but with the cast of characters that are sure to be there with you, you'll have no shortage of entertainment! 
 2.  It's no secret that I love to cook.  I also love to read a good recipe.  Several weeks ago I read a recipe for cinnamon sugar scones, but it called for cinnamon chips.  I knew Kroger here would not have cinnamon chips.  This week while purchasing lunch meat and cheese for the week at my local Amish store, I noticed cinnamon chips on their shelf.  I quickly purchased them and knew that some day soon I would make those scones.  Some day was tonight.  Yum!  Oh, yum!  I think I'll have another two one for breakfast.

3.  Clayton topped 200 accelerated reader points today.  He was pretty pumped.  As a special treat he asked if he could stay up late and read.  Are you kidding?  Sit quietly in your bed and read while I go to bed?!?!  No problem!  
4.  Jack loves to play outside.  Every day he grabs the basketball and tries to shoot it.  He never makes it (it's like 9 or 10 feet tall), but he tries every day.  He comes in smiling and will say, "I almost got it...maybe tomorrow."  Precious perseverance.  I love it. 
5.  Andrew has been uncharacteristically whiny this week.  He ran a low grade fever and then had some eye issues.  I decided to take him to the doctor.  Yeah, he had an ear infection in both ears...oops.  Word to the third child in a highly verbal family...If your ears (or anything for that matter) hurt you have to speak up so someone can hear you and get some help for you!!    

Monday, April 4, 2011

Camping with Cub Scouts

 Saturday morning we all loaded up and headed to Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park in Benton County for a little Cub Scout camp out.  The big boys were so excited!  Andrew and I played Saturday during the day, but headed back to sleep at the house and prepare for the arrival of three weary campers on Sunday morning.  (Yes, we went to church...on time!)  It really was a beautiful weekend.  The camp out theme was Lewis and Clark.  There were history lessons, compass activities, kick ball games, canoe making (out of clay), fishing and sleeping in tents.  All things boy!

What is it with boys and sticks?  They are attracted to them.  Jack was working on some kind of move.  I love his face in this one.  We are serious about a stick!

Fred informed me that this weekend was perfect camping weather.  I informed him that NO weather was perfect camping weather.  Why do I want to sleep outside in "perfect" conditions when I have a perfectly good bed with perfectly controlled temperatures inside my house?!?  Boys...they are so silly.

April Fool's

My friend brought over a little surprise for the boys for breakfast on April Fool's Day.  She always does some kind of trick for breakfast for her children before school.  I wish I could remember everything she has done in the past, but I cannot.  It was all too funny.  This year she served "eggs and toast".  The fried egg was marshmellow cream with a dollup of lemon pudding in the middle.  The toast was angel food cake cut into triangles.  My boys looked at me and the plate very strangely.  While they did not eat it, they got a good laugh once I explained what it was.