Saturday, September 26, 2009

My helper

Jack has always been my helper, but today he said something that just melted my heart. Fred moved the fridge for me so I could clean underneath it...I know, I think I might be nesting!?! There was a sticky spot under it so I had to pull out some cleaning products. Jack was right by my side saying his usual..."I wanna be you helper." I let him spray the cleaner. Sometimes I ask him if I can have a turn with the spray bottle and this is the conversation that occurred...

Me: Jack, can mommy have a turn?
Jack: Sure
Me: Thanks bud. I love you.
Jack: That's okay mommy. You my girl. (said with the sweetest grin you have ever seen!)

I'm glad to know I'm his girl. I hope it lasts for a LONG time!

Upward's Flag Football

After missing the first two games of Upwards flag football we were super excited to see Clayton's skills on the football field. Mawmaw and Pawpaw even came for the game. Just before Mawmaw and Pawpaw arrived Clayton ran down the field for a touch down. He had lots of fun playing today and we can't wait until next week! Thanks Mr. Andy for being such a great coach! (In the above picture Clayton is the second to last little guy in line.)

Run, Preacher! Run.

Friday morning around 7 a.m. Fred and seven other ministers from our association participated in a fundraiser for Tomorrow's Hope Pregnancy Center. They completed a relay style run across our county to raise money for the pregnancy center. Fred started the run at New Life Baptist Church in Henry, TN and ran the first leg (sleeveless, of course, for Chip!). Corey ran the second leg and passed the "baton" (a.k.a- baby bottle) to Jim Twilbeck. Together they ran a little over 27 miles with Mike Waddey finishing up at Paris Landing. Each pastor raised money at their respective churches and collectively they have raised over $6500 for Tomorrow's Hope!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Full Circle

Fred is serving this year as the president of West Tennessee Pastors' Conference. So what does the above picture have to do with that you may be asking?!? Well, Jerry Tidwell is the liaison for Union University to West Tennessee pastors. He and his wife, Kathy, served at my home church when I was in a teenager. Last week Union hosted a banquet for West Tennessee pastors and their wives and Mrs. Kathy (as we still call her) was there...see, full circle!
You see, Kathy was our Sunday School teacher for several years. She and Jerry made such an impact on my life along with the group of girls I hung( still hang) out with. It was great seeing her again and just catching up! It was also a blessing on the way home to think over memories of our times together. Seeing her reminded me that God places specific people in our lives for specific reasons. It is not difficult to see why God chose to put her in my path!

Fall Cookout at Rhea

Fred and I helped coordinate the Fall Cookout at Rhea again this year! We had the best time! Clayton's school has over 600 students, but on this day we had 1400 people!! We had many people helping, but among them were Mun, Mimi, Corey and Melody. The guys manned the grill while the girls were in the kitchen. Aunt Janice was home with Bennett and Jack, but later met up with us for the picnic. It was a great day! I have never seen so many pickles and bun and I don't think Fred is going to want to grill any burgers any time soon!!

Covenant Ranch

In Paris there is a place called Covenant Ranch. They host camps, meetings and all other sorts of outdoor activities. The boys go with Fred once a month to a meeting for men called Ironman Fellowship. At the last meeting they went to Jon Paul, the facilitator of Covenant Ranch, let the little guys do the zip line. Clayton got to do it, but Jack was too young. Well, once a year the Covenant Ranch hosts the Western District pastors and families. Clayton asked for a week if he would get to ride the zip line. When we got there Jon Paul told him he could. They, including Jack, went down to the zip line. Much to Jack's surprise he got to ride it. Both boys were super excited! Don't their smiles tell it all?!?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Snaggle Tooth Clayton

We had to go to the dentist today to have two teeth pulled...traumatic!! Clayton was understandably nervous. The dentist started the procedure by numbing Clayton's gums and then he got really nervous. When Dr. Fletcher pulled out the shot Clayton came unglued...again understandably so!! The dentist decided to use a little laughing gas and the procedure went much smoother!! When all was said and done Clayton jumped out of the chair and danced around the room as evidenced in the second picture. I can't say that I blame him!

Story Hour Begins

Today was the first day of story hour. Jack has been so excited, but once we got there he put on his serious face. At the beginning of every year Mrs. Donna arranges for all of us to ride a school bus. I told Jack we would be doing this and he has been beside himself. Toward the end of the bus ride he gave a big smile. I think it's the biggest smile I've seen from him while at story hour!

After we finished story hour we headed to McDonald's with several of our friends. One of our friends, Lee, from last year started preschool this year so he does not get to come to story hour anymore. Lee and his mom Stacy came into McDonald's to meet us for lunch and Lee had on a new shirt...I'm a big brother!! The Hayes are having a baby!!!!!!!!! We are so excited for them! Andrew needs a playmate!!

Cedars of Lebanon Triathlon

We headed to Murfreesboro this weekend to support Fred as he competed in the Cedars of Lebanon Triathlon. He swam 300 meters, rode his bike 16.5 miles and ran 3 miles. He finished with one of his best times-1 hour, 27 minutes and 47 seconds...but who's counting?!?! Way to go Fred! Below Fred is waiting his turn to start the swim. Can you see him? He's the big guy in the pool.

Since we were in Murfreesboro we stayed with my brother's family. While I don't have any pictures of the time we got to spend together we had the best time visiting together! Thanks Jeff and Paige for a great weekend and wonderful dinner Friday night!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Tonight, Jennifer (and Andrew), Jack, Clayton and I did a little geocaching! I told the boys we were going on a secret treasure hunt and they were all about it. We got within the vicinity of our "hidden treasures" and followed the GPS until we found them. It really was a lot of fun!

Ice Cream Truck

On a recent trip to Jackson at Aunt Janice and Mun's house we looked out the front door and guess what was coming down the street...the ice cream truck!! Of course Aunt Janice took money out her pocket and we were golden!! How exciting!! Treats for everyone!

New Sunday School Classes

Sunday at church was the day the boys both went to new Sunday School classes. Clayton moved up with the school kids and Jack moved from the nursery to the preschool class. Jack was too cool for me to get his picture. I quickly snapped Clayton's picture so as not to embarrass him or any of this classmates. They both had the best time. We are so blessed to have teachers who love our boys enough to teach them about Jesus!

First Cub Scout Meeting

Clayton had his first Cub Scout meeting last week. He learned all kinds of new things. Jack even got to go. Mrs. Kathy was helping lead the meeting and had all the boys introduce themselves and tell what they were excited about in Cub Scouts. After Clayton took his turn Jack hopped up and said his name and why he was excited about being a Cub Scout just like Clayton.