Monday, April 22, 2013

This week

1.  Isn't this puppy cute?  A friend found him in the road close to our church.  Fred really wants to bring him home.  The puppy is still at our friend's house where I feel certain he will live a long and happy life. 
2.  My friend gave me this precious burlap flower.  My mom sent the gorgeous flowers.  Does my porch not just scream Spring?!?  Now, each time I pull in to my driveway I'm reminded of just how blessed I am.  Love it.

3.  My grandmother had a birthday this week. Clayton, being the responsible one, felt like he needed to prep Jack before we got to the party.  Here's the conversation from the back seat: 
Jack:  Mom, how old is Mun?
Me: 87.
Jack:  That's old. 
Clayton:  Now Jack, we are going to her party.  Whatever you do, don't tell her she's old. 
Me:  Thank you son.  Grin.

4.  Jack was changing his shirt a couple of nights ago and I noticed a huge bruise on his arm.  Huge.  I gasped when I saw it and then asked him where it came from.  He told me he ran in to a mailbox while riding his bike.  What?!?  Yes, he turned around to look at something and ran right in to it.  I have not checked on the mailbox yet, but Jack appears to be fine. 
5.  Andrew loves to sleep with the "big boys", but we can't let them sleep together on school nights.  He asks every night if the brothers have school tomorrow.  Well, he asked last night and I told him they did in fact have school tomorrow.  His reply was priceless.  "Just fink about it mom, okay.  Don't say yes or no.  Just fink about it." 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

This week...

1.  Our church started two services last Sunday.  It was a huge leap of faith, but Fred felt like it was a direction we needed to move.  It turned out better than our wildest dreams. 
2.  My work out partner has decided to add a few extra exercises to our usual jog.  We now stop every little bit and do push ups, sit ups, squats, etc.  Push ups...fine.  Sit ups...fine.  Squats...not so much.  My quads are screaming.  Screaming.  As in, it's hurting just to sit here.  Whew, maybe I should stretch more.
3.  We ate duck one night this week for dinner.  Clayton loves it.  He ate 4 duck breasts.  Yum!
4.  Jack is playing t-ball this year for the first time.   Because of his birthday he is the oldest in his league.  From the picture below it is really hard to tell, don't you think?!?  Ha!  Woe to the 35 pound kiddo who is not paying attention and standing in the base line when he's running.  Woe to the kiddo.
5.  Andrew and I go to Story Hour at Jack's school every Monday.  Mrs. Donna (the teacher) always sings a song about the weather.  Andrew loves to talk about the weather.  This week as we were going inside I asked him what the weather was.  He looked up at me, grinned and said, "sunny and blow-ey".  Well, this was too cute and I laughed.  It must have embarassed him because he said, "I mean windy."  Precious.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

What's been going on...

The boys had Spring Break last week.  We surprised them and took them to Fall Creek Falls (or Call Freek Calls as Andrew called it!).  We were planning to camp, but the weather called for snow so we thought it would be better to stay in a place with heat.  Good call.  It snowed the entire time we were there.  We hiked and hiked and just enjoyed being together. 
Here's Fred with his Mini Me...
My sweet little hiker...

 The second day we hiked Clayton dressed himself like the picture below.  He said he did not want any exposed skin.  Mission accomplished.
The second day we came upon this little photo op.  Fred and I had an agreement that he was to sacrifice life and limb to rescue us if someone fell in. 

We woke up on our second day to heavy snow fall.  Below was our view...
Snow on Spring break?!? least we were all together!
While we were hiking Andrew kept stopping to play in the snow.  We kept hustling him along, because we had ground to cover.  When we got home we realized that that was Andrew's first snowfall to see.  Whoops.  Maybe we should have let him play a little more. 

We had to come on home to get ready for our church's Easter outreach event--Operation Easter Outreach (aka-OEO).  We did this last year at a park here in Paris (where we do our Halloween thing).  Last year we had about 50-60 kiddos and were pleased with the turn out.  This year we thought we might have a few more so we decided to prepare 1500 eggs.  The weather was abysmal, to put it mildly.  We had it inside the gym instead of outside.  Boy, were we surprised when people started pouring in to the gym.  We had snow cones, hot dogs, face painting and an egg hunt that lasted all of 5 seconds.  I have no pictures because this event was so crazy!  We had about 200 kiddos turn up, plus their guardians.  We had no hot dogs, no snow cones, no drinks, no eggs...nothing left.  Good times! Fred, Renee, Zachary, Eli, Tori and Dan and my parents all came that day and a good time was had by all!

Church was absolutely amazing.  We had over 200 people in attendance.  Celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior is always a special day for me.  Getting to celebrate it with my family and my church family is beyond a blessing.

My parents stayed for the night and were here Easter morning. Then after church we had a big lunch with Mun and Janice. It really was a treat!
Mom makes a bunny cake every year. The boys really enjoyed decorating it and it was really delicious!
 Our friends snapped this picture after the Easter Egg pick up in the gym.  We usually take it in front of the bradford pear tree, but the yard was too muddy and gross.  So, here we are with the back of the church in the background. 
Mom snapped this picture before church.  Thankfully.  It looks sweet, doesn't it?!?  The one below it is reality though. 
 Here's my life...
After a delicious meal everyone left and the boys counted their money (plus the money from the egg hunt with Mimi and Tee).  They have been saving for an XBox 360 and the egg hunt put them over the edge.  Pure joy for them...
This week Fred's sister had a baby.  Nora Wiggs was born Wednesday, April 3rd.  She's a cutie!!  Aunt Janice stayed with the boys while Fred and I went to a dinner at Union.  She suggested we drive on over to Memphis to visit with Liz, Zach and Nora.  What a great time!  She is beyond precious!!  Mom and baby are doing great! 

In other news...the boys all ran a mile today...even Andrew!  Clayton has been keeping track of his miles over the last few months.  It was a cumulative half marathon.  He ran the last mile today, but when they all got to the race everyone wanted to participate.  Sweet.
While the boys were playing out in the yard the other day a lady walked by.  Clayton came in to report that when she walked by Jack said, "Hey, sexy lady!"  Mercy.  I don't know if she heard him or not.  I'm pretending she didn't hear him.  In my pretend world everything is okay.
So, that's what's been going on around here in a nutshell.  Never a dull moment!!