Sunday, August 29, 2010

Out trip to Chicagoland

We headed out of Paris around noon on Thursday afternoon in a rented Chevrolet Malibu...yes, a Malibu--our van was in the shop. Our destination was eight hours away in Chicago. My cousin was getting married. We took our time getting there and actually the first five hours were heaven. We even stopped for a leisurely dinner at Outback. After we left Outback our trip took a turn. We got stuck in traffic and didn't move a mile in one hour!! Stuck! I made an illegal u-turn (to which Clayton is still worried about) to get us out. Fred said it is not illegal if you are stuck in traffic. I haven't read that rule so I'm really not sure. Thankfully he had his computer and we were able to pull up google maps to view traffic. Who knew traffic could be backed up at 11:00 at night?!? We finally arrived at 12:30 Friday morning. Andrew cried the last four hours of the trip and then wouldn't go to sleep in the motel room. He was up till 3:00 a.m. It was a nightmare, but Friday morning when the big boys got up I knew things had turned around. We headed to Lego Land and Clayton put it best..."It was awesomer than I thought it would be!!"

Note the guy walking through our picture. That is a two story tall giraffe made of Legos. They even had two movie theaters. We chose the 4-D movie. Clayton and Jack both said it was the BEST movie EVER!!
They had a ride inside the museum. It was awesome!
Our favorite!! Clayton had birthday money that he's been waiting to spend and he was so excited!!
After we left Lego Land we headed to Navy Pier. It took us a while to get there due to traffic. Once we got there it was $24 to park. My dad let us out and drove around while we went to ride the ferris wheel. It was $30 for all of us to ride and there was a long line...we passed, but at least we saw it, right?!?
After that we headed to the rehearsal dinner and then the following day we went to the wedding. Sad to say, but I have no pictures from either event. Thanks to Ben, Becky, Gene and Leeta for the opportunity to spend some time together in Chicago!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

This goes out to my Diet Coke fans!

It is very rare that we have soda in our house, but when we have pizza I need a soda to drink. Andrew found the bottle the next morning and had the best time. He has yet to have a drink (that I know of!) of Diet Coke, but he looks like he's going to like it!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Evansville, Indiana Triathlon

We headed to Evasnville, Indiana this weekend for Fred's olympic distance triathlon: 1 mile swim, 25 mile bike and 10 K (6.2 mile)`t run. Because of excessive temperatures the race officials changed the run to a 3.1 mile. Guess who was disappointed because he didn't get to run 6.2? Yes, that would be Fred!
This next picture is for Meg! Mel will get me later, but it's SO worth it!! Meg, we met for breakfast at 6:30 and by 7:09 a.m. Melody was singing and smiling...singing and smiling!!! What in the world!!
Of all the races Fred has done I always have these pictures of a sea of competitors before the swim. I never can tell which one is Fred. I just know he's in the crowd. Well, this morning he stretched REALLY big right before I snapped this picture. See him?

Jack and Clayton also got to participate in a race for kiddos. We are so proud of them!

No triathlon is complete without a picture of a sleeping Andrew!

After the race we went to a pizza place in Evansville known as Touroni's. Fred and I split the Iron Man pizza. It was delicious!!
We are a pizza-lovin' family!!

Now introducing the newest member of the pizza-lovin' family...Andrew!! He LOVED it! Can you tell?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Five on Friday (a day late)

1. Fred is competing in an olympic distance triathlon--1 mile open water swim, 25 mile bike and a 6.2 run. We all came to Evansville, Indiana to support him. He's going to do great!

2. We are looking for a vehicle to replace our van. I loathe/despise/detest spending money.

3. Clayton started school last week. He has done really well. His teacher sent me a note home that said I have the most honest child. I'm a little nervous as to what he's been so honest about...

4. Jack asked me what we were doing Sunday. I told him we were going to church.
Jack: Yes!! I love church!!
Me: (Heart skipping a beat and thinking thank you Jesus) That's great bud, so do I.
Jack: I know. I get candy AND snacks in my class! I love it!

5. Andrew had his nine month pictures taken Thursday. They turned out precious. Thanks Liz! To view them click here, enter her blog and scroll down.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Clayton, McDonald's style

Clayton has been talking about his birthday party since August of last year. I can't begin to tell you all the ideas he had for a party! We narrowed it down to several options and he finally picked McDonald's. It was the best party ever!! He was surrounded by friends, family, cheeseburgers, fries and last but not least--air conditioning!!
Mouthful of chicken nuggets, but what a precious grin.Did I mention Clayton was surrounded by friends and family? Some might say we took over McDonald's play place...
Here is Andrew kicked back with his two grandmothers eating his first McDonald's hamburger. You think he's having a good time? Wait until they pull out the candy, chocolate, fruit snacks and snack cakes. He has no idea!!
Too cute to not post!!
Opening presents...
Even Jack was excited to see what "they" got for "their" birthday!!
We, along with my parents and Fred's parents gave Clayton a new bike. He was pretty excited!!

I bought trick candles for Clayton's cake. He was afraid of them because they sparked. You can see here that Davis and I (and several others) had to blow out the candles. Clayton's not causing too much wind from way back there...
Once we got home he tried out his big bike. We were excited to see that he could ride it.
Jack's turn...
Fred's turn...
Good times!! I don't have pictures, but we started off the day at NeNe's Donuts. What a great, fun-filled day of celebration!

Friday, August 6, 2010

First day of second grade

Today was Clayton's first day of second grade! Second grade??? My goodness! He was so excited this morning. He came down the hall dressed, ready and smiling by 6:45 a.m.!! His teacher is Mrs. Kacie. Clayton expressed his desire to be in her class because of her unusually high test results and excellent classroom management skills...just kidding...look at her...she is beautiful!! Seriously though, she is a great teacher and we are really excited about the year. Thought we might all enjoy a trip down memory lane...

Second grade (What a BIG boy!!)

First grade

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Five on Friday

1. Wednesday was Fred's birthday, but it was also registration day at Clayton's school. I had a few responsibilities with PTO that day so Fred graciously kept the kiddos at home for me. When I went to get pictures off the camera I found the following pictures. It looks like they were having fun. Fred is not in any of the pictures though...hmmmmm......2. No joke...I canned 9 more pints of dill pickle relish this week. I told Fred to mow over the cucumber plants. Stick a fork in me. I'm done!!

3. Clayton starts school today. We've been working on math facts throughout the summer so that he would not forget anything. He told me last night that he was excited to go back to school to see who had been practicing their math facts over the summer. (i.e. He wants to check out his competition. He is SO his father's child!!)

4. My mom, Janice and Mun came to Paris yesterday to help me get ready for the consignment sale here in Paris. We went to eat at Prater's Taters. Jack got a hot dog. Janice got a salad. Jack said, "Don't you fink I should try everyfing healthy on the table?" I did not know what he was talking about until I saw Janice's salad. She gave him some salad and he ate and ate and ate!! He ate his hot dog, Janice's salad, Mun's potato, his potato chips and asked for a cookie when we left. What are we going to do when he's "bigger"?!?

5. Andrew pulled up. I had a bunch of totes in the living room and he pulled up. Isn't he proud?!?
I think I may FINALLY have one boy that looks a little like me!! Actually, I think he looks like my brother, but if you've ever met him he's just the boy version of me!!

Happy Birthday Fred!

Wednesday was Fred's 33rd birthday!! Since his birthday was on a Wednesday we didn't get to do too much celebrating, but we did all get to go to Dairy Delight with Jerry and Patsy! We even had a cake to celebrate!
Knowing that his actual birthday was on a Wednesday we went to dinner at Paris Landing for Crazy Chicken night (on Tuesday) as a special treat. We had a really good time! If you're ever in Paris on a Tuesday night give us a call and we'll meet up for a crazy night with a lot of chicken!!
On a side note...I asked Jack a few days before Fred's birthday about the kind of cake we should make Dad/Fred, meaning chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, etc. Jack quickly responded with the following: the Hulk, yes the Hulk. He'll like that!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fred's Triathlon

We headed to Memphis this weekend for Fred to run in the Showman Shooter Triathlon. Corey and Melody were there, along with Stan and Stephanie Dunagan. It was, it was H.O.T.!!! Melody and I had a contest to see how big my hair got throughout the morning. It was awesome. Maybe she'll post the pictures later. You'll notice a haze on all the pictures. Yes, it was that hot and humid. Here is my superhero emerging from the water. He said it was full of fish and he kept reminding himself not to open his mouth...gross!!
Running and still smiling after a long, hilly bike ride. (Chip, notice he's shirtless instead of sleeveless. Did I mention it was HOT?!?)Packing up after the race.
Andrew got to go with us while the big boys played at Mawmaw and Pawpaw's house!!

Here is Stephanie running across the finish line with her sweet kiddos--that'll bring a tear to your eye.

Congratulations to Fred, Corey, Stan and Stephanie! Way to go!!