Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our little/big boy is THREE!!

Seems like yesterday, but this is Jack shortly after we brought him home from the hospital... Jack at his party on Saturday!

Where have these three years gone? We are so thankful for our precious little boy! He is such a blessing to our family and friends...full of personality and smiles! God truly blessed our lives when he sent him to us!
This morning we had a balloon and donuts for his birthday morning. Unfortulately, I don't have pictures of him discovering this surprise since he was up around 6:05 a.m.!! Fred was heading to the gym and he lit the candles. I sang from the bedroom!


Michael, Carrie, and S said...

Happy Birthday to Jack! I always remember that he and my niece Mary share a birthday! :) When do we find out if Clayton and Jack are going to have a little brother or sister??

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday, Jack!! I completely forgot to talk to him on the phone yesterday. Maybe I can talk to him today??

Fred and Renee said...

Happy birthday sweet boy. I can't imagine life without Jack's sweet smile and silliness. He makes me chuckle just thinking about him. He is truly a child that brings joy into the world around him. I love you Jackson Harris!!