Thursday, April 19, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  Fred preached a funeral on Monday of  a lady who died at 101 years old.  Fred and I started an interesting discussion about all the historical events that occurred in her lifetime:  both World I and II, Vietman, the Great Depression, the sinking of the Titantic, just to name a few.  Her birthday was actually September 11th.  When the terrorists attacks took place on her birthday she was 90...90!!
2.  Fred has been around town, for the most part, for three weeks.  It has been nice.  He has not been home much this week.  Because of upcoming schedules and weather forecasts I needed to get the yard mowed today.  Fred and I usually complete this task together.  It took the better part of the day.  (I worked around Andrew's nap and when the big boys were home.)  While I was mowing I had a lot of time to think.  This is what I thought about...Clayton will be able to mow next summer and for the next 16 years I will have some boy (if not boys) to do the yard work.  Yippee!!  Get to mowing, boys!!
3.  Clayton is getting ready to take his first TCAP test.  I told him it was important that he do well, because his test scores would not only be a reflection of him, but a reflection of all his teachers up until this point.  He was very excited at the possibility of making them all proud.  It was sweet.
4.  Jack Shackelford is Fred Shackelford made over.  I know he looks like Fred, but the way that he acts is a carbon copy of my husband.  He, like Fred, is so easy going and forgetful.  Just this week I told him to get in the car so we could go to school.  He slowly meandered to the car without his backpack.  When I questioned him as to where his backpack was he literally looked shocked that he had forgotten it.  They are so much alike that it makes my heart skip a beat.  I love those fellas. 
5.  We think Andrew (and maybe Jack) are going through a growth spurt right now.  I made Cream Cheese Spaghetti the other night and Andrew ate four servings.  Try it for your table.  It was delicious and simple.  Click here for the recipe.   Please note I used whole wheat noodles and low fat cream cheese. 

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