Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Around our house...

-Take two.  My mom and I are going to try our shopping trip again this weekend.  It is going to be epic.  I have a list of restaurants and shops I am ready to go to.  One of the restaurants we are going to is Gas Station Sushi.  We will make a ham sandwich for my mother.    
-While I'm away Fred is taking the boys camping.  He was planning to take them to a local camp ground, but alas it is a federal camp ground and it's closed.  They may just camp out in our backyard.  I hate that I'm going to miss it.  I kid.  I will miss my time with the boys and the s'mores, but I will not miss the camping part.  Have fun boys!
-Clayton had his final flag football game of his flag football career last Saturday.  I could have cried (a lot!!), but I refrained.  Upwards flag football has been such a blessing to our family. Clayton has played since the league began here.  What a joy!

-Fall break is this weekend...Thursday and Friday.  I've been counting down the days this week each morning.  This morning I shouted "last day!!" when the boys came to the table for breakfast. Jack then said, "Yes!  Summer break!!"  Whoops, my excitement over fall break may have been a little much.  He is going to be really disappointed when Monday rolls around and they have to go to school.
-For my birthday Fred took us (I picked) to Jasmine in Murray.  It is my favorite restaurant!  We have never taken the boys, until Saturday.  I'm thinking it may have been a mistake.  We may never go on a date there alone again!!

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