Sunday, September 4, 2016

This week...and maybe last...

Andrew had an incident at school where he "fell asleep" during PE.  Long story short, he passed out.  Long story short, we met with a pediatric cardiologist.  I'm pleased to report that all is well.  Andrew gave me a thumbs up on the appointment.

Clayton had a back to school bounce party.  It is a genius idea by the PTO at his school.  They charge $7, the kids get to miss class, bounce on bouncers, and catch up with friends.  Winning all around!

Jack had to have pants for a program at church.  This is not normally a big deal, unless you are trying to clothe Jack.  Mercy.  After several attempts with Target buying pants, trying them on at home, and returning them...on repeat, I'm pleased to report that we had success at the first store we visited.  I felt like I deserved a trophy...or at the very least some cake.

The program that we were needing the jeans for was called Generation Hymns.  Our adult choir, along with the children, youth, senior adult choirs at EBC and three other churches sang 11 "old" hymns with a new twist.  It was a great night.  I just love worshiping with all generations.  Here were my partners in crime.  I'm pretty sure this was their first selfie.

It's been so hot in Memphis.  I can't even tell myself that it's almost fall.  Someone in our neighborhood has been putting in a pool and they've been driving a dump truck through the green space behind our house.  At first Dash the Dog was on it and needed to show them who was boss, but eventually, because it was so hot he just lost the will to even try.  It's just TOO hot, said Dash the Dog.

Friday morning I made Jack's day by having canned biscuits and sausage.  Our friends in Paris used to help me in the mornings when I had to go to work.  She would always have sausage and biscuits for the boys.  We moved from Paris 2 1/2 years ago, but Mrs. Kathy's sausage and biscuits still hold the title.  I tried my best and Jack's polite response was, "they are good, but not as good as Mrs. Kathy's."  Sweet boy...loves a sausage biscuit and Mrs. Kathy.

Friday night Fred and I went with some friends to dinner and then to the Escape Room here in Bartlett.  We had a blast and I'm pleased to report that we made it out!

Football season is here!  Yahoo!  Saturday night was the season opener for Memphis.  We have season tickets, thanks to Mun.  She gives us money every year at Christmas and we save it just for this occasion.  It's the best!  We make memories every game day AND I don't have to clean anything out.  Good times.

While we were waiting for the game to begin we heard that Tubby Smith (University of Memphis's new basketball coach) and the basketball players were signing autographs.  We took the boys over and were able to grab a quick picture.

Then we settled in for the game.  Memphis won! Go Tigers Go!

Sunday night we had a church wide picnic and the youth went swimming.  I have no pictures from the picnic, but I do have one from when we were swimming. It was a fun night.  We're looking forward to Labor Day tomorrow and celebrating Mimi's birthday!

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