Thursday, May 21, 2009

Award's Day at Rhea

Award's Day was this week at Clayton's school. His class stood in a straight line across the front of the gym. Each time his name was called for an award he stepped forward. I feel like I say this for every post about him, but he looked so big!! I can't believe the end of kindergarten is here! He received several awards, but the one I think he was most proud of was the award for not losing a smile all year!! We are so proud of him!

Just a cute little story from Clayton...He got in the car the other day and told me he had to walk the trees. Actually, he told me in one long sentence, without taking a breath--
Clayton-I had to walk the trees today. Well, my entire class did, but I didn't lose a smile. (On a side note...they are not allowed to "sit out" at Clayton's school. They have to be active the entire recess time...thus, walking the trees.)
Jennifer-What were you doing?
Clayton-We were all talking.
Jennifer-Did Ms. Linda ask you to stop?
Clayton-No, but she was looking at all of us like she wanted us to stop.
Jennifer-Well, why didn't you stop?
Clayton-(Complete with hand gestures) Well, sometimes I have a question and I just can't wait until playtime to ask it! You know I might forget my question!

I wish you all could have been here to see his facial expression and hand gestures. It was priceless!!

Also, on Mother's Day this is what he said to me, (with hand gestures) "Mom, I'm not sayin this for me, I'm just sayin this for you. Since it's Mother's Day and all I was just thinking...again, not for me, but for you...maybe you might like to go eat lunch at the Mexican restaurant. Not for me, for you!! I'm just saying, that's all!"
Clayton's favorite restaurant is the Mexican restaurant! Always the diplomat!!

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Politician in the making?????