Sunday, August 2, 2009

Clayton's friend party

We loaded up the van and headed to Jackson with Clayton, Shannon, Caleb and Aiden for Clayton's friend party. He had several option to choose from for his party and he decided to take three friends with him to Jackson for a fun day. Jack and Bennett rode with Mrs. Melody. Mimi, Mun, Janice, Leeta and Mawmaw met us at our first stop in Jackson. We started off the day with a sausage biscuit from McDonald's in Paris. We then headed straight to Chuck E. Cheese and played some games. After we had used all our tokens we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch. Then we went to Mimi and Tee's house for swimming and a little playtime.

Friday was Clayton's party, but it was Aunt Janice's actual birthday! The boys picked out a pink ball for her to have for her birthday. After all, as Jack would say, "Aunt Janice is a girl." Thus the reason for the pink ball!

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Fred and Renee said...

It was a fun party!!!