Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy 10th Anniversary Melody and Corey!!

Melody and Corey celebrated their 10 year anniversary yesterday, January 22nd. Ten years?!? Where has the time gone?? In honor of their anniversary we met at the fanciest restaurant in Paris (outside of McDonald's, right Katie?!?)...Prater's celebrate. I got a cake because every good celebration deserves a cake, don't you think?!? I also wore purple since on this day ten years ago I was dressed all in purple. What a fun day it was! Melody and I reminisced over the day while we ate. I wanted to duplicate her wedding cake, but as we remembered it was six tiers with strawberry filling. I wasn't feeling that ambitious. Plus, who would eat all that cake?!?
May God's richest blessings rain down on your marriage, family and ministry as you continue to serve Him faithfully. What an honor it is to call you our friends. Happy Anniversary, Mel and Corey!

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Corey and Melody Cain said...

That was so much fun! Thanks for helping us celebrate the big 10! And thank you for being there from the beginning until now for love and support...we are truly blessed to call you our friends as well!