Friday, January 20, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  Tuesday I had chicken and dumplings on the menu.  I cooked a chicken all day in the crock pot and had every intention of coming home to fix them for the boys, but I didn't get home in time.  In between swim practice, hair cuts and me going to work I gave Fred verbal instructions on how to make them.  He knocked it out of the park!!  I think one of his new names may be "The-Mean-Lean- Chicken Dumplin-Making-Machine!!"
2.  Fred sent me a text this week that said, "I have an idea.  Call me when you get the boys to school."  My heart skipped a beat.  I called him immediately and he began discussing the possibility of synching our calendars electronically.  What?!?  I told him the next time he sent me a message that he "had an idea" it better be something with the words weekend getaway, pack your bag, cruise, dinner out or night off!
3.  Clayton and Jack have their last swim meet this weekend.  Clayton came home from swim team practice and reported that he had been working on going super fast this weekend.   
4. Thursday morning as we were about to walk out the door for school I saw the picture below...
Yes, Jack's jeans are on backwards.  No, he did not notice or care.  I made him turn them around and he was more bothered with turning them around than with wearing them backwards!  
5.  Andrew and I get to hang out a lot during the day while the big boys are at school.  He really (apparently) likes to be around me.  When he looses sight of me in the house he comes to find me saying, "Where ares you Mama?  I can't see you!  Mama! Mama!  I can't see you!"  I think I will use this on him when he's a teenager.

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