Thursday, January 26, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  Fred recorded one minute devotions for a radio station here in town.  They will be aired every day, beginning the first Monday in February.  Tune in to 94.1 to hear the, "Word from the Hill".  Good times.
2.  I booked our vacation spot for this summer.  I'm pretty pumped.  Look out beach here I come!
3.  I took lunch to Clayton's teacher for her birthday today.  I asked Clayton if he wanted me to eat with him since I was at school.  He said yes.  I sometimes wonder how much longer he will want me to eat lunch with him?!?  I hope forever.
4. Jack and Clayton had their swim meet last week.  Jack won first place in the breast stroke, but I will not remember that.  What I will remember is every time he bobbed out of the water he was smiling at me as I cheered him on at the end of his lane.  It makes my throat tighten just thinking about it now. 
5.  Andrew told me this week, "Mys ready to get our of my bed."  It was really sweet.  He also spoke loudly (i.e. yelled disrespectfully), but we won't talk about that.

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