Friday, June 8, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  Last week was beautiful in Paris.  Fred had the idea to go play frisbee golf at our local park.  We had the BEST time!  However, Fred was a little prone to tossing his frisbee in to the woods...often.  Unfortunately, we think he got poison ivy while searching the woods to retrieve his frisbee.  He is at the doctor now begging for a shot. Begging.  Here's to hoping he gets a shot...fingers crossed!!
2.  As you know I have been keeping up with loads of laundry for 2012.  As of May 31st, I am standing at 187 loads.  Good times. 
3.  Clayton has been saving for a Kindle Fire since the beginning of the year.  He is a little over half way to his goal.  While he has many good qualities that are just who he is, being sensitive to others and those around him does not come naturally.  This week while attending Bible School at FBC Paris they told him of a need for mediation for those in needy countries.  Before he left that morning he dug out enough of his money (almost 15%) to give someone medicine for 2 years.  This is nothing more than the power of the Lord working in his life.  Tears filled my eyes as I watched him leave that morning, not out of pride, but out of a testimony that God is working in his heart and life.
4.  Jack's birthday is June 16th.  We were recently discussing his party and what he would like to do, what to eat, etc.  We started getting specific about food and he requested, "Hot dogs, Cheetos, cookie bars, Frito twists, watermelon and that's it. (Brief pause...) Oh, and fried okra.  Yeah, that's about it."
Also, Jack told me this week he wants to start collecting money.  I'm all for it.  Anybody that would like to contribute to his collection please let me know.
5.  I pray I never forget what Andrew's 2 year old voice sounds like.  He chatters all the time.  Some of the things he says right now that are particularly cute are: "What does that mean?", "Is that funny?", "Why you laughing at me?", "I wanna eat Dragon Gold today." (Golden Dragon is a Chinese restaurant here and he loves it.) and my personal favorite from the week...he was not getting his way one morning and he put his foot down, looked at me in the eyes and said emphatically, "I wanna go to Mimi's house!"

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