Saturday, June 2, 2012

Random Catch Up

Things have been moving around here and there's a lot I need to catch on, so here goes...

1.  Fred has meetings out of town occasionally, but the boys and I rarely get to tag along because of school.  Well, since school let out Fred had a meeting at Linden Valley Retreat Center (a.k.a. Camp Linden...I spent a week here every summer for years).  The man in charge of the meeting asked us to come with Fred and we did.  Apart from a rough night in a hotel room, we had the BEST time together!!  We hiked to the water fall, canoed the Buffalo River and I even read a book.  I didn't have to cook or make up a bed and it was incredible!! 

 I have no pictures of the canoe trip, because Fred and I decided it was not a good idea to take electronic devices on a 2 hour canoe trip.  Bummer, right?!?  Those would have been some great pictures.

2.  Andrew lost his night night and we FINALLY found it after a week.  FINALLY!  Is this not the sweetest picture?!?  That's some true love right there. 

 3.  Andrew does not like the water.  Does not like it one bit.  He screamed on the canoe ride listed above.  He screamed at the pool.  He screamed on my brother's boat.  When we are at a pool he just walks the perimeter until I finally just force/pull him in.  Before you start sending me hate mail, please know that when he is out of the water for over an hour, it gets hot.  Plus, I just held him above the water, in my arms.  Needless to say this did not go well.  We are working on a plan to get through this. You can't tell by this picture, but this is where he is a raft, with his floaties on, on the side of the pool.  Good grief.

 4.  My brother took us out on his boat for Memorial Day.  By us, I mean my parents, Jeffrey's family and my crew.  It was a blast!  (Minus Andrew screaming over everything.)  I'm pretty sure we reached the weight limit on his boat, but it was totally worth it.  The boys in the tube below could not have had a better time.  By the end of the day they were exhausted. 


5.  Our church is going on a mission trip to Seattle, Washington this summer.  Fourteen people are going, including Fred, me, Clayton and Jack.  (Andrew will stay with grandparents.)  In an effort to reduce the financial burden on those going we have had several church wide events.  One of those was a yard sale at our house this weekend.  It could not have been a better weekend for it!  I was so blown away with the generosity of our church and friends with items donated.   We all counted it a success! 

Fred and I like the show Antiques Roadshow.  (I know, what are we, like 72?!?)  Occasionally, Clayton will see it.  Well, during the sale Clayton found a vase.  He is convinced that it is worth some money.  I think he thinks we will show up on Antiques Roadshow to be one of the success stories.  He is so proud of that vase. 
6.  June is going to be a fun month!  We have Vacation Bible School, a trip to Aunt Janice's house, vacation (which will include the beach and a trip to New Orleans), Jack's birthday and a mission trip to Seattle, Washington.  July looks just as exciting! 

I heart summer.

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