Thursday, September 20, 2012

Story Hour with Andrew

Andrew is loving story hour!  He doesn't sing all the songs just yet, but at least he doesn't sit in the circle and scowl at the teacher.  If you will recall the scowl is how Jack rolled through story hour.  Andrew likes to volunteer to pick songs.  Andrew likes the stories, the songs, the crafts, and especially the toys.  Before and after the lesson the children get to play with the toys.  Andrew doesn't spend much time with any of the toys, because he brings every toy to me as he picks it up and says, "Can I play with this one?"  My response is always yes, but he continues to ask with each toy. 
Below he is selecting the song he would like to sing.  He even stood with his precious teacher while everyone sang it.  He was so excited and tried his best to hold in his smile. 

The first week of story hour I was subbing, so Fred took him. (What a great guy!?!  But, we'll save that for another time.)  The first week of story hour is always exciting and it typically includes a bus ride.  Andrew does not like buses, or motorcycles, or lawnmowers, or airplanes, or boats, or really anything that makes noise.  I was nervous about his level of participation, but Fred said he did great.  He even sent me some pictures.  Andrew took his blanket so he, "wouldn't be scared".  Priceless.
He doesn't look too sure of the bus ride here, does he?!?
I think the blanket helped him warm up to the bus.  Two weeks later he is still talking about it.  He must have enjoyed it!!
 This picture just melts my heart...Could we just pause time for a minute?!?

Please note the train shirt.  We wear this every other day.  Yes, every other day.  One might ask why every other day?  I'm glad you asked.  We have two train shirts and they alternate days.  Note the yellow one above and the red one below.  I would have fought this battle with Clayton, but not with number 3.  I am tired people, I am tired.

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