Sunday, November 25, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  Our bathroom has needed some attention for a while.  But alas, Fred was busy in 2012 being pastor, dad, president of TBC, husband, etc.  We contacted our insurance company about possibly helping us out, but they were a no we just dug in.  We began our project by busting out walls, removing the shower, the floor and the potty.  Much to our suprise the water damage was not what we thought.  Long story short, our insurance company has been contacted and they will be helping afterall.  Currectly, you can see dirt when you open the door of our bathroom and our potty is on our back porch.  Classic.
2.  St. Jude Half Marathon is next weekend.  I think we are ready.  Running the half marathon for St. Jude is one time a year where my hobby collides with a good cause.  I love it when a plan comes together!!
3.  Clayton spent his special weekend with Janice last weekend.  Monday morning at breakfast I served cinnamon rolls.  Clayton asked for a specific (probably the middle) cinnamon roll.  Jack piped up quickly by saying, "Oh no!  You are not at Aunt Janice's house anymore!"  I don't know wheter to laugh or be offended.  I'll choose laugh.   
4.  Tuesday afternoon around 1:00 p.m. I got a message from Jack's teacher saying his stomach was bothering him.  When he got in the car I inquired about it and he still seemed a little bothered.  Figuring he'd be okay, we went about our normal activities.  About the time I was preparing dessert and cranberry salad for the 17 people coming to our house on Thursday I heard it.  Yes, Jack was sick at his stomach.  While no one was able to come to our house we did end up getting to go to Jackson and Memphis.  After a second round of sickness by Jack everyone seems to be better.   Fingers crossed. 
5.  Andrew has not yet sensed the tone when someone is sick in this house....especially with all things stomach related.  I washed my hands so many times they were squeaky clean.  I lysoled any and ever surface possible.  After several hours of trying my best to keep all germs away from everyone I looked over and Andrew was chugging Jack's water bottle.  Oh.dear. 

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