Monday, April 22, 2013

This week

1.  Isn't this puppy cute?  A friend found him in the road close to our church.  Fred really wants to bring him home.  The puppy is still at our friend's house where I feel certain he will live a long and happy life. 
2.  My friend gave me this precious burlap flower.  My mom sent the gorgeous flowers.  Does my porch not just scream Spring?!?  Now, each time I pull in to my driveway I'm reminded of just how blessed I am.  Love it.

3.  My grandmother had a birthday this week. Clayton, being the responsible one, felt like he needed to prep Jack before we got to the party.  Here's the conversation from the back seat: 
Jack:  Mom, how old is Mun?
Me: 87.
Jack:  That's old. 
Clayton:  Now Jack, we are going to her party.  Whatever you do, don't tell her she's old. 
Me:  Thank you son.  Grin.

4.  Jack was changing his shirt a couple of nights ago and I noticed a huge bruise on his arm.  Huge.  I gasped when I saw it and then asked him where it came from.  He told me he ran in to a mailbox while riding his bike.  What?!?  Yes, he turned around to look at something and ran right in to it.  I have not checked on the mailbox yet, but Jack appears to be fine. 
5.  Andrew loves to sleep with the "big boys", but we can't let them sleep together on school nights.  He asks every night if the brothers have school tomorrow.  Well, he asked last night and I told him they did in fact have school tomorrow.  His reply was priceless.  "Just fink about it mom, okay.  Don't say yes or no.  Just fink about it." 

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