Thursday, April 11, 2013

This week...

1.  Our church started two services last Sunday.  It was a huge leap of faith, but Fred felt like it was a direction we needed to move.  It turned out better than our wildest dreams. 
2.  My work out partner has decided to add a few extra exercises to our usual jog.  We now stop every little bit and do push ups, sit ups, squats, etc.  Push ups...fine.  Sit ups...fine.  Squats...not so much.  My quads are screaming.  Screaming.  As in, it's hurting just to sit here.  Whew, maybe I should stretch more.
3.  We ate duck one night this week for dinner.  Clayton loves it.  He ate 4 duck breasts.  Yum!
4.  Jack is playing t-ball this year for the first time.   Because of his birthday he is the oldest in his league.  From the picture below it is really hard to tell, don't you think?!?  Ha!  Woe to the 35 pound kiddo who is not paying attention and standing in the base line when he's running.  Woe to the kiddo.
5.  Andrew and I go to Story Hour at Jack's school every Monday.  Mrs. Donna (the teacher) always sings a song about the weather.  Andrew loves to talk about the weather.  This week as we were going inside I asked him what the weather was.  He looked up at me, grinned and said, "sunny and blow-ey".  Well, this was too cute and I laughed.  It must have embarassed him because he said, "I mean windy."  Precious.

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