Tuesday, June 11, 2013

This week...

-It goes without saying that Clayton is a rule follower.  He went to the pool this week with some friends and then I met him there later.  Before I got there an announcement was made that PDA was not allowed at the pool.  Clayton later told me (still concerned), "Mom, I didn't know what CBD was, so I asked the life guard what it was to make sure I wasn't doing it."  Nice.  Glad we are all in line.  
-Clayton asked me last night if I would help him create his own app.  He'd like to create an app that is a site for bartering.  He loves the concept of bartering.  Unfortunately, I'm out on creating an app.  While I appreciate his vote of confidence, what he doesn't know is that I barely know how to move the icons around on my phone screen.
 -Jack is a beast.  He completed a triathlon this week with our team from Paris.  He loves all things outside and all things sports.  He is not competitive (unless it's with his brother) by nature.  I told him before the race to do his best and have fun, but there might be a chance that he could win.  Well, he worked so hard.  He came to the finish line with sheer determination written all over his face.  It chokes me up just thinking about it.  He came in 2nd place and we were thrilled for him.
-On the ball field this week while Jack was playing first base this conversation was overheard:
Kid A:  Do you think I could hit a homerun?
Jack:  Sure.  Anything is possible with God.  
-Also at the ball field this week...Jack made a great play at first base.  The mother sitting in front of me, obviously unaware that I was Jack's mother, turned to me and said, "Does anyone know how old that kid is?!?"  I answered her politely and she laughed once she saw Fred.  We took a picture of Jack's birth certificate on Fred's phone for occasions like this one.  
 -Andrew went with our friends to VBS here this week.  He was all about it Monday morning.  Tuesday morning was a little different.  Because of the theme, one of the workers came dressed in a clown costume.  Andrew was stuck to my leg from that point forward.  Fred had the opportunity to take him Friday.  The clown was back.  Andrew did not let that clown out of his sight.  As evidenced by his eyes below...
We do not like a clown, people.

-All the boys went to VBS I mentioned above.  The church challenged the children to give their missions offering to provide a year's supply of vitamins for a child in West Africa.  It cost roughly $8 to supply a year.   Each morning they would count the number of bottles they provided.  My boys were very moved by this.  Clayton got $8 of his OWN money to give and then Jack got some of his own and Andrew got some of his money.  Too sweet.  They came home everyday and told me how many bottles of medicine the group gave...after Jack told me what was for snack, of course.  

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