Friday, May 31, 2013

Nashville Fun with Fred

Fred and I decided to get away for the weekend.  We went to Nashville and had a blast!  We went to Whole Foods for breakfast, downtown to Antique Archaeology, a gourmet popcicle and the Tennessee State Museum. (We also threw in a hospital visit since we were downtown.) Around lunch we headed to the Nashville Farmer's Market to eat at Jamaicaway.  Delicious.  
The pictures below are of us at Antique Archaeology.  It is a store from a TV show called American Pickers.  We loved it.  We might be a little nerdy, but we're okay with it.

Later that evening we went to Puckett's Grocery in Leiper's Fork.  I highly recommend this.  It was the coolest date night Fred and I have had in a while.  The drive out to Leiper's Fork was worth it.  A word to the wise though, call ahead to reserve your spot.  We almost didn't get in.

The weather was just perfect.  The windows were opened and the band started playing just as it got dark.  Perfection.

The next morning we went to the Franklin Farmer's Market and enjoyed a homemade donut (gracious!) and a biscuit from a food truck called Biscuit Love.  Possibly the greatest breakfast I've ever had.  Once we pa-roused the farmer's market we headed to the Carter House and toured it.  The Carter House is an historic home in Franklin that was part of the Battle of Franklin during the Civil War.  It was great! We grabbed lunch/dinner at a Greek restaurant in downtown Nashville and headed home to a quiet house.
The house was quiet Sunday morning, but somehow Fred and I managed to almost be late.  Maybe it's not the kids after all.  Maybe it's us?!?
We spent Memorial Day in Memphis for lunch and then Jackson for dinner.  You know, spread the love.  Here are the boys at their kick off to summer.
 Does this not just say, "Happy Summer"?!?  I love it!
One other thing happened while we were in Nashville...
Fred and I were working out in the gym (did you see all the food we ate?!?) and I saw a commercial for Bill Walker Chevrolet.  They were offering 4 free tickets to Holiday World if you test drove a car.  Four free tickets?  I couldn't resist.  Fred could, so I dropped him off at the hotel.  I met the nicest car salesman, drove the most expensive car I've ever driven and walked out with 4 free tickets.  Yes, free tickets.  Score!
On a side note, I told both the big boys what had happened.  They were elated!  Although, Jack quickly and quietly said, "Four tickets?  Who's not going, mom?"  I assured him we would buy a ticket for the fifth member of our family and all was well with his little mind.  Priceless.

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