Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Beginning of School and Other Things

School started last Thursday.  Here we are not even a week out and summer is a distant memory.  Poor Clayton has to share his birthday every year with the beginning of school.  He had a friend party, but we celebrated on his actual birthday with a donut breakfast and Pi Pizza for lunch.  Pi Pizza is our favorite!  He requested a chocolate chip cookie with ice cream.  It was basically a big ice cream sandwich.  I just kind of made it up, but I think it was a success for sure!

The next day summer was officially over and we all got up super early to head to school.  We headed out and all was well.  The days of going in with my boys to get their picture are long over. Over.  I had to settle for a photo shoot outside.
 These boys look so big to me!  Second and Fifth grade...what?!?  They are growing in their relationship with each other and with our Savior.  It is such a joy to watch.

We pulled out of the driveway and headed for our drop off routine.  The boys go to two separate schools.  So, we pray before we get to the first school.  Let me just say, I'm not an emotional girly, girl.  For pete's sake, I live in a house with four boys.  No one has time for a weepy woman.  All was well until I pulled in to Jack's school to drop him off.  This will be Jack and Clayton's last year at their respective schools.  I turned around to tell Jack goodbye right before he got out of the car and I promise one year old baby Jack grinned at me and said bye.  One year old baby Jack.  Do you know how cute he was?!?  Here's a blast from the past. (Could you not just eat him up?!?)

The tears started flowing and I could not quit.  Clayton even offered from the back seat a hesitant, "are you crying, mom?!?"  I had to give him a yes in between sobs.  Good grief these boys.

Andrew and I have started "school" while the big boys are gone.  We've started with the letter b.  We are using a curriculum called Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve.  You can get it here.  We are thinking of everyone/everything we know of that starts with the letter b.  We are making brownie bites for the Burtons, Bennett and Mrs. Bettie (Oh, and the big boys at Jack's request. Grin.).  At one point this week Andrew tripped on a backpack.  While he was screaming on the floor I made sure he knew he had tripped on a b...b...backpack.  He did not appreciate my teachable moment.  Ha!  While we were making our brownie bites I asked him to tell me what letter we were working with this week.  His reply..."Six".  Yes, I have a degree in elementary education.  Yes, I do.

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Fred and Renee said...

Well, I teared up at the picture of baby Jack. But I am a weepy girly grandma so no surprises there. I also laughed out loud at Andrew working on his six. To be fair- a b and a 6 do look an awful lot alike. Love those boys!!!