Monday, August 5, 2013


-Fred's birthday was yesterday.  I cannot remember his birthday being on a Sunday.  His parents and sisters came to Paris to help celebrate.  It was a special day.  Clayton also got up early to create this card...

It's a little fuzzy, but it reads, "We know you love us all, but I know I'm your favorite."  Funny kiddo.
A precious lady from our church knows Fred likes loves her chess squares.  She made him a full pan .  No lie, he was cutting them with his pocket knife before we left the church parking lot. 

-I cannot make this up.  We got new internet service at the house and I had to call the provider for technical support.  The first person I spoke to identified himself as "Brian", but his heavy middle east accent leads me to believe that was not his real name.  Any who...He started his call with, "How is your day going so far?" I said fine. Then I said, "How about your day?".  You know, just being polite.  He proceeded to tell me, "It is okay.  I'm a little hung over though.  Too much tequila and vodka for my anniversary party.  You have to party hard on those occasions though, right."  I was speechless.  That rarely every happens.  Ha!
-Clayton's birthday is this week.  We went to Gatti's pizza in Murray and then to swim in Paris.  We were supposed to eat lunch at Shogun (a hibachi grill), but some ones mother forgot to check the hours of the place.  Apparently, they are not opened for lunch during the week...only on Saturdays and Sundays.  Who knew?!?  We still had a good time, despite the change of venue.  This is a sweet group of boys.
-My nephews came to my parent's house last week.  We went for a few days of togetherness.  I am so grateful my boys have cousins (really on both sides) that are not just family.  They are friends. 

-Something is wrong with our plumbing.  I told the boys not to use the bathrooms unless it was absolutely necessary.  In other words go outside if you can until the plumber gets here.  Jack's eyes lit up.  Guess what??  He immediately needed to go to the bathroom.
-Andrew had food all over his hands the other day.  When the napkin was handed to him he said, "That's okay, I'll just taste them off."  (Instead of lick.) 
-Last night we were discussing what the boys talked about in Sunday School.  They talked about Solomon.  Fred asked them what Solomon asked of God when God told him he could ask for anything.  Andrew thought for a minute and then quickly and enthusiastically said, "Cookies!" 
-And just because it's cute...

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