Sunday, May 4, 2014

Going on...

Elizabeth and I met at her gym and took a class together.  We took six children with us.  The youngest four stayed in the nursery.  The oldest two played in the gym beside us while we worked out.  After the class since we were all together we went out to lunch.  Two adults and six children from ages 1 to 10.  To say it was crazy would be a huge understatement.  Huge.  By the end of lunch Nora's hair really told the story of what lunch was like...crazy, right?!?
 The Memphis Grizzlies were in town for game six of the series with OKC Thunder.  I have always wanted to go to a play off game.  We watched ticket prices and decided to jump.  When would be have another chance to do this??
 Before we went to the game we introduced the boys to The Cheesecake Corner.  This may prove to have been a mistake because they loved it!  We shared a piece of chocolate chip and red velvet cheesecake.
 It was a packed house at the Grizzlies game.  They lost the game.  In fact, they lost that game and the next one and ended up losing the series.  Boo.  We'll just support them next season.  Go Grizz!
 Right before Jack literally fell over because he was so tired he said, "Thanks mom for buying us those tickets."  It was from the heart and it just about melted mine.  That's one tired Grizzlies fan.
Andrew came to me the morning of the game and told me he did not want to see the Grizz he wanted to go shopping with Mimi.  She was coming home with us anyway and she was delighted.  Andrew knew what he wanted...a Captain American Winter shield.  Mom asked where you get that.  I did not know, but I thought Target was a good place to begin.  They then had a fine dining experience at McDonald's.  I'm pretty sure both of them had a blast.

Saturday was a wild day.  The boys had soccer in the morning while I spoke at a Ladies Lunch.  Not the best picture from the ladies lunch, but it will do...
I was honored to have my mom, Renee, Mun and Nana Francis at my table on Saturday.  We had someone taking pictures during the event.  He captured this of Mun and I thought it was so pretty.  It captured the beautiful outside of a lady that is even more beautiful on the inside.  Isn't it great?

Once we are all finished with our responsibilities of the morning we went to the zoo.  Below is Andrew's first train ride.  I think he was excited.  Ha!  After the zoo we went to Fred and Renee's to watch the Grizzlies game.  
 One night this week we went to Steak and Shake.  Clayton amused himself with the hats while we were waiting on our food.  Three hats stacked up?  That takes skill!
 Memphis really knows how to send out the welcome wagon for those of us that are new to town.  They typically send it out in the form of the Shelby County Sheriff...especially when you run a red light...with a sheriff right behind you.  I'm not kidding.  I did it.  It's my first ticket in almost 20 years.  Go big or go home, (I guess) was my philosophy that day.  Welcome to Memphis.  Ha!  My bad.

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