Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lots of stuff

-Andrew really wants to be like the big everything they do.  The big boys use mouth wash and Andrew really wants to use mouthwash.  I finally gave him a tablespoon and told him what to do.  He swished it around for 3 seconds and said, "Hey mom (he says Hey mom 50 bazillion times a day), is mouthwash made out of jalapenos?!?"  Ha!  He hasn't asked for it again.
-Jack had a dream where he met his best friend on the playground and played during recess.  He said, "I played with him until I woke up and then I realized it was a dream."
Which led to taking a trip to Paris...
I needed to clean out a couple of things so they (and Aunt Janice...Yahoo!!) just went with me.  Wade came over and played with Andrew.  Lee came after karate.  And then Caleb and Bennett played for a while and then they all wen to tri practice together.  It was a much needed visit for all of my boys.
When my boys got to the house it was like Christmas morning.  Andrew was jumping up and down begging to bring this and that and this and that home with us.  We came home with another car load of various toys.  Awesome.
When we first told Clayton we were moving one of his top three concerns was his Legos.  I think he thought he would have to take them all apart and reassemble them.  He was quite distraught over this.  Enter Aunt Janice.  When she heard of Clayton's concern she told him that she would pack his Legos when the time came.  They unloaded them all and packed them together.  
-On Mother's Day the boys gave me a plant.  I told them thanks and Jack said, "Well, dad really just picked it out." (We are nothing around this house if we are not honest.)  I told the boys I just hoped someone remembered me when they were older.  Jack said, "We will (long pause)...hopefully."  Nice.

On Sunday mornings Fred and I, along with several others, meet and pray before the service.  I usually leave there and head straight to the choir loft.  When I came out of the room Clayton was standing there and said, "Oh mom, are you singing in the choir today?  I was really wanting to sit with you since it's Mother's Day."  Nope.  Not singing in the choir.  I'll sit with that sweet boy any time he asks.
After church we did a little divide and conquer.  I headed to Jackson to see my mom and Fred hung in Memphis with his crew.  Aunt Janice fixed a feast!  It was beyond delicious!  My brother even came.  And we got a picture.  It was epic.  Taking a picture with five boys is no small accomplishment.  Be amazed.

Our good friends Jeremy and Lauren had a baby.  We got to visit them at the hospital and then we had their girls on Friday night.  It was a great time.  The kiddos just picked up right where they left off.  

Andrew's preschool had a precious program Sunday night.  He loved it, even though he's not smiling.  He, along with all of the kiddos, was just precious.  

The boys had field day at tutorial Thursday.  They were so excited about field day they woke up before six and were outside throwing baseball.  Fired up I tell you.

Since it was the last day of tutorial we celebrated at Taco Bell for breakfast.  Taco Bell for breakfast?!?  Yes.  The boys really wanted to try the waffle taco.  It was a hit.  Jack, who was made for breakfast, just did not quite get enough to eat though.  Bless him.  

 Someone was not happy at this moment.  I'm not sure what happened specifically.  I'm sure "the baby" wasn't getting his way.  Ha!  Life is hard.
Speaking of Jack and breakfast...the other day the boys went with me to the grocery.  I told them if they were good they could get a treat.  Clayton and Andrew got their treat picked out early.  By the time I was at the checkout Jack still did not have his treat.  I told him to find something quickly.  He took off running.  I saw him running back through the store like a football player and something was tucked under his he was protecting it.  When he got to me I saw what he had...36 frozen Tennessee Pride sausage and biscuits.  Yes, 36.  I couldn't help but laugh out loud.
-I took this guy to register for middle school this week.  What?!?  Yes, I did.  Since when do they take four year olds in middle school?  I cannot believe we are starting middle school.
On a different note, they gave us a list of required summer reading.  One book is for everyone.  And then there were three books that you had to pick one,  giving a total of two books.  Clayton read the list, looked up at me and said with all sincerity, "Can I please read all four?"  Why yes, yes you can.  Grin.
-It is looking like moving day is drawing near.  The realtor in Bartlett is feeling very confident since they put a sold sign in the yard.  Everything is rolling along.  T minus 14 days and counting.  Here's a sneak peak...I can hardly contain myself.

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