Saturday, August 9, 2014

Five on Friday on Saturday

-For Fred's birthday he got Gigi's Cupcakes...twice.  Our sweet staff at church surprised him and then some precious church members dropped off some for the entire family.  I'm so thankful for Fred's cupcakes birthday.

-We took all the boys to the Redbirds game Friday night.  My phone was extremely low on power.  I had no idea how to get home without directions on my phone (Fred was not with me...Yikes.).  When I pulled out of the parking lot I had 6% power.  My phone directed me a few ways and then it told me to take a left on Beale.  You can't drive of Beale.  It's blocked.  About the time I looked down at my phone to redirect myself it died.  I had no idea how to get home.  I just tried to move away from the river.  When I saw the sign for I 40 West I almost shouted.  I'm happy to report I made it home.
-Clayton had a birthday as well this week.  We celebrated with donuts on the morning of his 6:20 am.  He left 20 minutes later for school.  Grin.
 When he got home from school he and Fred headed to get his good friend D.  Then we met up with everyone else at the Redbirds game.  It was a beautiful night.
 These boys were walking in Memphis.  They were walking with their feet 10 feet off of Beale.  I'm so funny.  Are you singing the song yet?
The boys played Laser Tag and then went swimming.  Of course there were donuts and pizza.  Of course.
-Jack has come home from school every day this week with the biggest smile on his face.  He's made friends.  He loves his teacher.  He loves school lunches.  It has been music to this mom's ears.
-Since the big boys went back to school it's just been me and Andrew.  I have two observations:
1)  It is much easier at home with only one child.
2)  While I knew Andrew talked a lot...I mean A LOT, I just didn't realize how much he talked.  You see, when the boys are home he has them to talk to.  When they are gone Andrew has an audience of  Wow, that's a lot of talking!
We went to Costco this week to grab a few back to school snacks.  We were there around 10:45 am, but we went ahead and had lunch.  When you eat breakfast at 6:15 am you are hungry by 10:45 am.  Andrew had pizza (as big as his head) and I had a salad.  Is he not the cutest lunch date?!?
While we were doing a little shopping Andrew was talking incessantly, but then I heard him say, "Excuse me.  Excuse me."  Then he said, "You know why I said Excuse me two times?  (Before I could get a word out...) I just tooted two times."  Yes, we have manners.  Yes, we do.
Being the baby has its perks, but sometimes it allows Andrew to pick up some "bad" habits that are a little two grown for him.  One of those habits is him saying, pretty disrespectfully, "Oh, come on!"  We have told him it is not appropriate for him (or his brothers) to say this, but he stills says it.  When I correct him he says, "I was just talking to myself."  Yeah, when you talk to yourself you don't say it out loud.
-While on vacation we are a little more relaxed with the boys.  It's vacation after all!  You know, if you want Diet Coke for dinner that is fine.  If you want two desserts in a day, go ahead.  Need a snack 15 minutes before supper...sure.  You know, relaxed.  Since Andrew is going to preschool we are encouraging him to wipe his own bottom.  This has rocked his world.  I think he thought I'd be wiping his hiney until he graduated from high school.  While we were on vacation he went to the restroom with Fred and said, "Since we are on vacation do you think you could wipe my bottom?"  I think Fred said yes.  That kid.

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