Tuesday, August 26, 2014

This week

It's been a big week at our house.  We brought this guy home...

Meet Dash...the newest male member of our family.  He is a border collie/lab mix.  He's my new running/walking partner.  And he's the twinkle in the eye of four boys that run around this house.  I was told that three boys would require a dog.  Since I love these boys (and I've put it off as long as I can!!) they have a dog.  Please know that the irony is not lost on me that I cannot even adopt a girl dog.  I picked HIM out at a shelter.  I guess I'm meant to the only girl around here...until my boys start getting married...but that's a whole new day...a long, Long, LONG time from now.
 This sweet boy loves this dog.  Is that not the sweetest picture ever?!?
We got to go to Jackson and meet up with this precious friend.  We visited the train store and then dined at Jason's Deli.  When we sat down for lunch Andrew said, "Sit here by me W.  You're my best friend."  Honestly, these two melt my heart.  Andrew's friend brought along his mom and sweet baby sister with him.  Oh, that baby.  Adorable.  I tried to sneak both of them home with me.  
One day this week Jack was enjoying a bowl of cereal.  He got it all fixed and took a big bite.  We heard him in the kitchen yelling, "Oooo dad, something is wrong with this milk.  It tastes like yogurt! Yuck!"  He had poured buttermilk over his cereal, which prompted Fred to do this...
-Andrew told me this week that he hurt his "thumb toe".  How cute is that?!?
-Clayton is trying out for honor choir next week.  He has an after school practice today and then next week he will try out.  I'm proud of him for trying.  I never would have tried as a sixth grader when eighth graders were trying out.
-Andrew and I went to a clothing consignment sale this week.  I went to look for clothes and somehow I walked out with clothes, a Lego Duplo plane, a Halo Lego set and a basketball goal...and a storm trooper costume AND a tiger costume...because the four year old really NEEDED them!  He needed them.

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