Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What's been going on in our world

-This little guy woke up the other night around midnight crying, because his ear was hurting.  He'd told me for about three days his ear was hurting, but then it would stop.  Waking me up in the middle of the night has a way of getting my attention.  So, off to the doctor we went...

Who wouldn't think this kiddo was sick?!?  We played about 99 rounds of I Spy while waiting for the doctor.  In fact, he did have an ear infection.  Who knew?!? on my part.  

-At Andrew's preschool they cover a different letter each week.  They ask parents to bring snacks for certain letters.  Andrew and I took the letter 'C'.  We had the best time coming up with snacks to send.  (My suggestion for couscous was nixed...what?!?) We decided on Ccccarrots and Ccccookies.  He helped me make the cookies.  They were really Ccccut out Cccookies with Cccolored Icing.  I made the cccc sound a lot that week.  In fact, after a few hours Andrew said, "Would you please stop saying Cccc every time you say a word that starts with 'C'?!?"  
We had some extra cookies so we decided to give some to our neighbors. (I still have not met some of them after four months of living here...whoops.)  We tried unsuccessfully three times to deliver these cookies.  No one was home.  On the fourth try we finally got our immediate neighbor to the door.  When the man opened the door Andrew said, "Finally!!!"  I feel certain he didn't hear Andrew.  I hope.
-Andrew and Zachary are not in school on Mondays.  I swung by Z's house and picked him up and headed to the Children's Museum.  Literally, there was one other child in the museum and we visited the snack bar.  Yes, we did.  It was very interactive.  Ha!
-Clayton made honor choir.  Hooray!  He "gets to" (his words not mine) memorize a song in German.  Honestly, if I hadn't been in the delivery room I wouldn't believe he was my child.  There is no part of me that would use the words "gets to" if it came to memorizing a song in German.
-All three boys have started playing flag football.  Andrew is comical.  When the ball is snapped and he's on offense he's supposed to run down the field.  He does not.  I yelled from the sidelines the other day for him to RUN!!  He stood still, with all the activity around him, and addressed me on the sideline saying, "Mom!  I don't want to run.  I'm HOT! Nope."  And he stood right there.  So...maybe flag football is not going to be his thing.
Jack on the other hand is in it to win it.  He played center.  Every time he bent over to snap the ball he grinned.  No, not a grin, a full on smile...from ear to ear.  Every.single.time.  He loves it.  As a mom my heart smiles when my kiddos are involved with something that they love.
-Speaking of sweet Jack, one day this week while we were walking Dash he said, "Mom, having a dog is not really what I expected.  It's even better!"  Then Andrew wrapped his arms around the dog and said, "I love you Dash.  Thanks mom for letting us get a dog."  It's a good thing they like the dog, because said dog keeps getting under our fence and into our neighbor's yard.  Guess who gets to chase him down?!?  This girl.
-This was Clayton's math homework one day this week.  He worked on it for an hour and then I took over for about 15 minutes.  Then we had to call the big guy.  He came home right as I was getting on a roll...really.  I may or may not pass 6th grade.  You have to make a hexagon.
I sent this picture to my mom and her comment was that those two pieces would complete the hexagon.  In case you are wondering...the numbers have to match up.


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