Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Whoops, it's been a while

Aunt Janice came to town to spend a few days with us.  While she was here she had lunch with Jack.  She offered to have lunch with Clayton at middle school, but the look on his face indicated that that would not be a good idea.  He was trying really hard not to be rude.  It was priceless.  Of course, Janice only offered as a joke.  We all know you can't eat with a middle schooler.  
Janice set the bar high with Sonic.  Now Jack wants us to eat lunch with him every week "like Aunt Janice did".  That is code for bring me food.  She sets the bar high.  
-Speaking of Jack...he loves it here in Memphis.  We are coming up on one year here.  He has great friends, a great school, fun activities, etc.  Loves it.  We were on our way to church the other night though and he said, "Mom, I'd give you 100 of my dollars to take me back to Paris so I could go to church at Springhill just one more time."  I had to swallow a lump in my throat.  Moving is tough.
-While we were in Paris we had really good friends that let the boys come over in the morning for those mornings I had to leave early and Fred was out of town.  She fed them breakfast.  Jack loves Mrs. Kathy.  Loves her.  We were eating breakfast the other day and he said, "Will I ever get to eat breakfast with Mrs. Kathy again?!?"  Bless his heart.  I tried my best to match her breakfast, but it just wasn't the same.  Oh well...I tried.
-Fred was gone last weekend and I was gone this weekend.  While I was away the boys had a busy time. They went to a football game,
played flag football, visited the Bartlett Festival,

helped my father in law lay some laminate floors and then went to church.  I think they had a busy weekend.  Fred really is the best dad.  Ever.
-Before I left for my retreat I went with several friends to the Market at Hope Presbyterian.  Ms. Katherine and I had the best time.  After we were there about an hour we were joined by a few other friends.  It really was a blast.  She wanted to buy this,
but she didn't.  The only things were bought were a sweater and lunch.  It really was a good time.
-Our good friends from Paris celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  (Yes, they got married when they were 4.) They came with their family to Memphis to celebrate and asked us if we'd like to join them for dinner.  We had the best time.  Friends are such a blessing.  Friends that are considered family is almost more than I can handle.
-Since I was away all weekend I didn't see the boys until Sunday night at church.  When I walked in they gave me the typical head nod and side hug.  Boys.  They had some good friends that were sitting in the balcony.  They quickly went upstairs to sit.  About 5 minutes into the service Andrew came back downstairs and sat in my lap.  When I asked him why he came downstairs, he said, "I just wanted to sit wif you." He commenced sitting in my lap, hugging me and kissing my cheeks.  It's a good thing he doesn't know that he could use this moment to get whatever he wants for YEARS to come!!
-The boys were out of school last Friday.  At some point Jack and I found ourselves in my bedroom watching the Price is Right.  Does that not just scream quintessential day off school?!?  Any way...the person on the show won $30,000.  I asked Jack what he would do with $30,000.  He said without hesitation, as if he'd been thinking about it for a while, "I'd fly our entire family to Seattle to visit our friends Luke, Gideon, and Jonah (and their parents) and then we'd all drive to Vancouver to see Zeke and his family."  Well, I guess Jack's answer beats mine.  I was thinking I'd invest it.  Sweet boy.     

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