Thursday, February 19, 2015

Snow Days

Sunday night we were supposed to get some winter weather.  It did not disappoint!  My boys could not have been more thrilled!  They played outside, came in and ate, played upstairs, drank hot chocolate, and then did it all again.  The first day by 10:30 am I was making my second round of hot chocolate.  Snow days really are the BEST!
This was taken at 6:45 am on Monday morning.  My boys did not get the memo about "sleeping in" on snow days. Our neighbors LOVE us...ha!
 I just sat on the couch with a warm fire and a cup of coffee.  I think that is the grown up version of a snow day...well not all of it.  More on that later.
 Snow days are rough on Dash the Dog.  He had to take a nap in front of the fire.  It's a hard knock life for Dash.
 Some neighborhood friends came over and we abided by the schedule mentioned above.
 And...we're silly now.
 Second round of hot chocolate. You know it's a good snow day when you're on round 2 before lunch.
 They were all so sweet when they came in.  They would take off their wet layers in the garage and then come in.  The problem was their clothes never dried.  So, after a couple of times of this I decided to hang everything in the kitchen and living rom to dry.  There were clothes hanging everywhere!
 Yes, that is a rice krispie treat dunked in hot chocolate.  We enjoyed EVERY aspect of our snow days.
 This is my quintessential snow day...a movie, a puzzle and a fire.  This was day 1.  That's Pride and Prejudice on the TV. Does it get any better??
 Day 2, I kicked it old school with a little Price is Right.  Good times! 
After three days of this we had to head back to school.  Honestly, I was a little disappointed.  Winter weather is headed back in tomorrow.  We may get one more day, but I doubt it.  We'll see!! 

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