Friday, December 11, 2015

Merry Thanksgiving

My crew (Christie, Mimi, Tee, Jeffrey, Paige, Blake and Adam) rolled in Friday night for Merry Thanksgiving.  We all visited a while and then headed to bed.  Saturday morning Fred, Clayton, Jack, Paige, and I headed out early for the St. Jude Marathon in downtown Memphis.  Fred ran the half marathon and the rest of us were part of a relay team.  Jack and Clayton ran a 3.1 mile leg and Paige and I both ran a 6.55 leg.
Paige and I were on Team Wilkes.  I ran with my three sister-in-laws and my good friend LeAnn.
 Here is Fred at about the halfway point in the half marathon.  I was tracking him on my phone, but we just happened to be waiting here for a relay check point.  The relay had a few sanfus, but all in all it was a great day!

 Paige ran the last leg.  Here she is running our last leg into Auto Zone park.
 And then across the finish line.
When we got home from the race it became very evident that I was sick.  Boo.  They all partied without me.  Boo again.  I spent the night in my bedroom and promptly fell asleep by 6:45 pm.  Before I fell asleep I did hear these sweet cousins playing outside my window.

This week is the week of programs. All three boys had a program at church Sunday night and then Jack and Andrew both had programs at school.  Andrew told me before the church program that he was not going to smile because he did not know the words.  He delivered on that promise.

Monday morning Andrew had his school program.  It was really sweet and as an added bonus, he smiled a little. (He is wearing a gray shirt.)
After Andrew's program I went over to the middle school to help wrap presents with the PTO.  While I was walking through the school I happened to see my child.  He smiled at me and kept walking.  I asked him if we could take a selfie.  He said, "No.".  So I got the back of his head.  Good enough.  Secretly, I know he loved me being there.
Monday night Eli had his fourth birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.  Andrew and Fred were the only ones that were able to go, but Andrew had a great time!  He even got his picture made with Chucky.  This is a really big deal.  We used to hide in the bathroom at the Fed Ex Forum from the Grizz.  Because, you know, the Grizz frequently visits the top row of the Fed Ex Forum.
The big boys could not go because they had play practice.  Our church is having a play this year at Christmas and the big boys are newsies.  It really is an awesome play and as an added bonus there are two (actually 10 or so) really cute newsies.  They are worth the price of admission...if there was a price of admission.  The play is free.  So, if you live in the Memphis area you will want to make your plans to attend this Sunday, Monday, and/or Wednesday.   (Clayton is not pictured here because he was at basketball practice. Can you believe we still have practice and meetings and homework and random errands in the month of December?!?  I'm appalled.)
Wednesday morning Jack had his program at school.  He even played a musical instrument, which he did not tell us beforehand.  We were so proud.  He also led the 4th grade in the gym, because apparently they line up tallest to shortest.  Sweet, big ol' boy.

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