Sunday, July 10, 2016

This week

While the two younger guys were in Jackson, Clayton and I were at youth camp in Florida.  I was the cook for the week and had a blast!  Clayton had a great time as well.  Fred even joined in on the fun on Thursday.
Here I am with about 25 pounds of taco meat that some teenagers devoured.

We tried to take a family picture and I tried to grab a kiss on the cheek from the almost teenager.  He ducked.  He pretended like I wasn't related to him all week so I didn't think one kiss on the cheek was out of bounds.  He did.  Ha!
We did manage to get one semi-decent picture of the three of us though.
Jack was finishing up basketball camp in Jackson while we were finishing up at camp.  I think Jack is about ready to go to college...if someone would just let him play basketball all day long.

 My grandmother, a.k.a. Union's biggest fan, figured up that she will be 98 when Jack plays for Union.  It brought me great joy to hear that she thought this through.  I have no doubt that she will be there cheering him on!
Andrew finished up this piece of art work at art camp.  He was so proud.  I told him I would find a special place at the house to hang it and he said, "No, I'm giving it to Mawmaw.  She needs some of my art work."  Ha!

Melody's crew was in town so Jack was able to reunite with his bff.  A good time was had by all!

While they were playing at Mimi's Fred assembled the basketball goal.  Our basketball goal kept falling over so this was goes into the ground and it a little more steady.  Since Jack plays on it a lot we figured it would be a good investment.  Sweet Fred worked all day on it. 

Eventually we all made our way to Jackson for Swim Weekend.  Swim weekend is all about swimming, relaxing while swimming, eating...and then repeat. 

Of course, while we were there Jack and I had to spend a little time at convenient care, because it is a holiday after all.  You know we can't go through a holiday without someone getting sick.  

In other exciting news, I went to the bank, Costco, and Kroger.  Click List has made its way to Bartlett and I'm sold.  I just order my groceries through an app, select a pick up time, pull into a designated parking space, call the number listed and...wait for it...they bring my selected groceries to my car.  Yes they did!  If you think that sounds awesome, multiply it by 100 and then that will give you a good idea on how excited I am to use this service.  It is $4.95 and worth every penny!

While at Costco, Andrew found what he would like for Christmas.  Andrew loves a stuffed animal!  Also while at Costco, my boys consumed many samples...which we bought.   

The boys spent a little bit of time at Fred and Renee's which gave me a chance to walk the 6 mile loop at Shelby Farms with a friend.  Then I got to go to yoga with Liz.  Fred and I went to lunch and we celebrated Grandma Beulah's birthday later that evening.  All in all it's been a stellar week!

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Lux G. said...

Those happy faces are real proofs you guys are having a blast.
Enjoy this week too. :)