Monday, December 26, 2016


Once school finally ended and the programs were over we started having a little fun.  We always go look at Christmas lights, but this year we decided to step it up a notch.  So we rented a limo with our friends and surprised the guys.  They were super excited!  We had a blast driving through the city looking at lights. 

 Our friend at church gave us these glasses that make lights look like certain things...reindeer, snowflakes, santa, etc.  It made looking at lights lots of fun.
 On Thursday Fred had lunch at the office so the boys and I just went to Pyro's Pizza for a special treat.  Then Andrew had a friend come over to play.  We took that friend and met his family at the movie, Sing.  They have four boys and we have three boys, which means that the Malco on Stage is now in the black.
 We typically go to Cracker Barrell on Christmas Eve, but we were going to be in Jackson on Christmas Eve so we went a day early.  A good time was had by all.
 Especially this one...he loves breakfast.  The boys all played Fred in checkers and Fred won...again.

After breakfast at Cracker Barrell we loaded up the car and headed to Jackson for Christmas with my family, but we had a brief pit stop with my friends.  We all (minus Carrie) happened to be in town so we met up for a little mission and then we paused for a brief photo.  Our original group has grown by leaps and bounds.

We got to my parent's house and had another good time.  We let the kiddos open presents and then the adults opened presents.  My mom made great food for the entire 24 hours.  

We headed back to Bartlett for Christmas Eve services at Ellendale, a little more shopping at Five Below, and some wrapping.  The boys and I wrap their presents to each other on Christmas Eve and I get ready for Christmas morning.  Each guy comes to my room to wrap for the other brother.  I looked over and Andrew was writing on Jack's package.  It was the sweetest thing. 

 For the first time ever, we ran out of communion cups at church.  I looked up and they were pouring cups with grape juice from a pitcher.  I looked up and one of our deacons was coming down the aisle with a pitcher of juice.  It made me laugh.  Best Christmas Eve service ever.  I made dinner after the service and Mimi, Tee, Fred and Renee all came over.  

Mimi and Tee stayed the night and we asked the boys to sleep until 6:00am.  I woke up about 5:50 am and crept into the kitchen to make coffee before the festivities began.  The house was quiet except for Jack sneaking up behind me.  He about scared me out of my mind.  He, of course, thought it was hilarious.  

We began opening presents.  The boys had to play a game to figure out which paper belonged to which boy.  We played that saran wrap ball game.  They really had a good time.  
 The boys shop for each other at Five Below each year.  We typically go each year after eating at Cracker Barrell, but this year we went after driving in from Mimi and Tee's.  Of course, the brothers picked out a basketball and a football for Jack.
 After opening presents, we had our typical Christmas breakfast of carbs with a side of carbs.  It was a dream come true!
 Speaking of dreams coming true, Dash received a stuffed squirrel for Christmas.  He rolled around with that thing and took it all over the house.  He finally got a squirrel.  He's been barking at them since he's been at this house.  I'm pleased to know all his dreams came true this Christmas as well.
Since Christmas was on Sunday we headed to church around 10.  After church we had lunch here with Mimi and Tee and then headed to Fred and Renee's to open presents and eat steak for dinner.  Unfortunately, I have no pictures from that event.  Boo.

The next morning (the 26th) I woke up and completely cleared the house of Christmas.  In fact, I was taking our tree to the curb before breakfast.  Done.  We were just having a lazy day around the house and Jack went to play with his buddy.  Before I knew it, Jack and Clayton were headed to the zoo to go ice skating.

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